Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong being adapted into movie

Valiant Comic’s Archer and Armstrong is being adapted for the big screen.


From The Hollywood Reporter:

Valiant Comic’s Archer and Armstrong will be making the jump to the big screen. Archer and Armstrong first appeared in Archer and Armstrong #0 in 19992. (Amazon) has some cheap copies. What is not so cheap is the Gold Variant.

Valiant Entertainment, the independent comic publisher behind Harbinger, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar, is continuing its move into movie production. Heat Vision has learned that the big screen version of action-comedy comic book Archer & Armstrong has found its writer and director.

The adaptation is quickly moving forward with Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer on board to direct, according to sources close to the project. Terry Rossio is attached as a writer. Rossio is known for work on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and was recently named the leader of Legendary’s MonsterVerse writers room. Joining Fleischer as producers on the project are Jason Brown, The Mummy’s Sean Daniel and Valiant CEO and CCO Dinesh Shamdasani.

The project is being developed in-house before being shopped to studios.


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6 Responses to Valiant’s Archer and Armstrong being adapted into movie

  1. hellspawn95 says:

    How do you make a comic book into a move?

    • OC_Guy says:

      Lots of money and lots of ego!

      • OC_Guy says:

        …and if the question was literal, you film a comic book, any comic book for two hours straight, one shot, no cuts, advertise, hype the hell out of it, book it on late night talk shows and charge people $14 to see it! A Masterpiece!

  2. Shadowsip says:

    That’s when you forget the I…..

  3. OC_Guy says:

    Amazon does/did have cheap copies. Did pick up one in NM just in case, because after shipping it was still under $10 bucks, but I don’t have tons faith this will make it all the way to the big screen.

  4. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    the gold variant is the way to go. the gold variant was always expensive and difficult to get . i might even have a few copies of the regular cover in a long box diging time . plus i have more faith in quantam and woody then any toehr valant project except for that david Jason frank ninjack things because david can’t act but is a cool guy blind adam out

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