Two Quick Spoilers for a Tuesday Night: Thanos #5 and X-Men Prime #1 

Thanos #5 and X-Men Prime #1 are out in stores tomorrow.

Not huge spoilers but of interest to X-Men fans. The X-Men are returning to the Marvel Universe in a bigger role than they have had thanks to the Marvel dispute about movie rights. X-Men had taken a back seat. But here are a couple of sneak peeks to Marvel Books that are X-Men related.

Normally one doesn’t think of Thanos as being X-Men related. Thanos has been captured by his son Thane and is trying to escape this issue. The last page had the X-Men related reveal that was pretty cool.

X-Men Prime #1 is mostly a set up for the new books being released. We get vignettes of what will be X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, Weapon X, and more. This scene shows Marcel’s overall new tone for the X-Men in the future.

Looks like they could be dropping the focus on being feared hated and different and instead just telling some super hero stories  


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10 Responses to Two Quick Spoilers for a Tuesday Night: Thanos #5 and X-Men Prime #1 

  1. john dye says:

    As long as they have great writers and artists in all in. But once I see some crappy art and the same kind of stories referencing past stories. I’m gonna have to skip it. There are currently better books worth my time and most of those are from Image comics.

  2. JayClue says:

    Im really hoping they get this right. Ive enjoyed the Extraordinary and Uncanny runs, so Im checking out the gold and the weapon x team books. I hated all new x-men and will avoid like the plague the blue book. Ive heard good things about the Thanos series. Ive got the entire run in my pullbox, I think I will clear it out tomorrow.

  3. David Bitterbaum says:

    That spoiler from the Thanos comic caught my eye, but considering Jeff Lemire is leaving Marvel post-haste (I truly wonder what happened to make him want to leave every book) I wonder if it will get much of any follow-up.

  4. MY wide-eyed hope is that X-Men Prime kicks off a great run in X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue, that X-Men cross-over into Thanos and do battle and my whole world is peachy keen.

    However, I know this is Marvel and they will find a way to bungle this whole thing. Hopefully, Venom-verse pans out better than X-Men likely will. Sigh.

  5. xman_2 says:

    What is that talking in the X-Men spoiler? Is suppose to be Kitty Pryde?

    • Anthony says:

      Some form of her yes. It’s difficult because in the art on many pages characters don’t have faces which is a little bit creepy

      • Jay says:

        Anthony listened to what happened at Wodnercon today.

        Jim Lee sets up a “Private Signing” for CGC. Today Only Friday, you give your books to CGC and tonight they do a private signing with Jim Lee. In other words you pay CGC $30 low key cash for Each book you want him to sign, plus the $28 fee CGC charges on signature series. So you will pay $58 for Each book you want Jim Lee to sign and CGC, but that is today Only.
        So Tomorrow the con is having a raffle ticket drawing at 9am for Jim Lees 10:30am signing, Well guess what, NO ONE from CGC will be allowed to be there to witness it. Plus His leaving right after the signing, meaning no more private signing. So if you didnt turn ur books in today for a private signing your Sh*t out of luck. The man is broke i guess he needs extra cash, compared to us wealthy people

      • Anthony says:

        That seriously sucks. I have met Jim Lee a bunch of times and have had him sign stuff for me at cons with no problem. I am not sure what was going on there, sounds like an “exclusive signing” or a way for the con to manage the demand for his signature.

        Crappy all around though.

      • Jay says:

        The worst part is, fine you want your “cut” from cgc, because whatever your having money problems. HOW you gonna show up 30 minutes late and tell people who got here at 7am to have a chance to meet you, No sketches and No photos. His basically sitting there willing to sign your shit because he knows its not being witnessed. And on top of that shows up 30 min late and claims no photos and sketches. Bro no one cares about your media day, these fans have been here since 7am and its 4pm. How you gonna say no to photots and sketches. Whos more Important us who buy ur comics or the media? Obviously he answered the question

  6. Bob Dobalina, Mr. says:

    Is the Phoenix Force really a spoiler though? I could have sworn the solicits for the series before it was released had mentioned the Phoenix Force being something Thanos wanted control of. Plus the Dekal 1:25 variant of # 1 has the Phoenix silhouette in Thanos’s eyes

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