Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for 4/5/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your latest edition of Variant Picks of the Week. Now that I’ve entered the wonderful world of book grading I’ve been getting my personal favorite covers of the year graded. So far its just four books though:
Gamora #2 – Francesco Mattina
Deadpool #25 – Mark Brooks
Venom # 6 Comicxposure – Francesco Mattina
Animosity #5 – HipHopf – Mike Rooth
I gotta keep my list of nominees here so I won’t forget at the end of the year!

This week we have some pretty good variants X-23 leading the way, as well as, an amazing Iron Fist sleeper. Also, big shout out to all the comic shops/convention vendors that have a dedicated variant box. It makes my hunts go so much smoother. Enough chat lets get into it!

All-New Wolverine #19 Cover C Incentive Leonard Kirk Variant Cover (Resurrxion Tie-In)
All-New Wolverine #19 Cover D Incentive Elizabeth Torque Variant Cover (Resurrxion Tie-In) – Both are great looking covers both drop on the same day, both will be getting my money. X-23 is on fire still, well after the amazing Logan movie. Skies the limit for this character as a whole.

Champions (Marvel) Vol 2 #7 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Resurrxion Cover – I know im late to the train, but I’m starting to like this Old Man Logan. The OG will be back or so I’m hearing, so I wonder whats going to happen. Also, Checchetto is still on a roll with fantastic cover art.

Harley Quinn Vol 3 #17 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover – I told Mr. Cho in Baltimore, “keep drawing em thick” and he continues to do so, not that I can take credit but he draws them like some of us like them. Harley fans are gonna eat this one up. Keep an eye as these could be one of those 1:1 that see some love in the after market. Sold out on TFAW already

X-Men Gold #1 Cover G Incentive Bob McLeod Variant Cover (Resurrxion Tie-In) – I really dig this cover. I love throwback stuff and Logan and Kitty Pride seeing the reflection of their former/original incarnations is darn cool to me .

Iron Fist Vol 5 #2 Cover B Incentive Tim Bradstreet Variant Cover – Shout out to Trey K for putting me on to this one. This cover is simple but amazing at the same time, negative effect covers are hit or miss, THIS ONE IS A HIT. Not many on the aftermarket so keep a very very close eye on this one.. I’m interested on seeing where this one goes

Amory Wars Good Apollo #1 Cover B Incentive Rags Morales Virgin Variant Cover – I think Anthony is right on this book. The old issues do well. They didn’t have a variant back then so who knows what this one could end up as. Pretty cool image by Rags Morales, very stark and dark.


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15 Responses to Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for 4/5/17

  1. Josh Masters says:

    Don’t sleep on that classic black and red harley Conner cover. That will be a tough grade later on.

  2. A. King says:

    You can’t say enough about that Harley cover, one of his best one’s yet.

    • JayClue says:

      Im a fan of the Cho Harley too. I really wish she still wore that outfit. Im looking forward to the Dini story in this book. Thanks for the article every week Mel. I recently started listening to the Defects podcast at work and just put 2 + 2 together. Have you ever considered adding a future variant as a ‘one to look out for in the coming weeks’ in your article? There are pretty much zero stores in my area with ratio variants, so I need to be on the ball and preorder them if I want any at a decent price. Keep the articles and podcasts coming, cheers!

      • melthemovieguy says:

        Thanks for reading my articles and also checking out the podcast…I can try to get ya a heads up on great looking variants as soon as I find them,i think that would be a great edition .Thank you for the suggestion

  3. JayClue says:

    PS. The best part about Chos ‘thick’ woman is that the art is very original and refreshing.

  4. Richard Sean says:

    Really diggin the All-New Wolverine cover C variant and the Harley Quinn cover b as well.

    For the All-New Wolverine cover C, you guys think it’ll be a good long term hold book?

  5. melthemovieguy says:

    I must admit ,I messed up and over looked that America #2 Art Adams Variant..I thought the buy in price would be to high….It is a monster right now . get it if ya see it

    • Anthony says:

      I am just not in to the book but love a flip. I have always liked Art Adams style, and like JSC and Terry Moore, he has a distinct look to his women.

    • Richard Sean says:

      My LCS had one sitting on the shelf for $50 right before closing. Didn’t pick it up. Thinking of maybe going back tomorrow first thing they open.

  6. melthemovieguy says:

    Grade Both flip one…a 9.8 could be a easy 4-500 bucks….or Sell one to good ole Mel v lol

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