Poyo’s Picks of the Week for April 5th, 2017

Just another week.. another week we dump our money into comic books to read, sell and flip or for the collector, to buy and tuck away. So what is this weeks winner, spec or just best read? Some weeks we never know until Wednesday finally comes and the comic shops open their doors. We might not know but Poyo can tell you what his picks are and sometimes, I actually pick a book that heats up. Why are you even reading this garbage? For those that do read it.. on with the picks.. and maybe winners!

DC/Vertigo Pick

Savage Things #2 (Vertigo) – This book reminds me of Jason Bourne in a way but a bit of Deadly Class as well. It’s a good mix of the two. I really enjoyed the first book so definitely want to see where its going.

Marvel Pick

Captain America #15 (Marvel) – It’s a Gabrielle Dell Otto cover. Rogers taking down the Red Skull.. very classic, I love it. It’s a pick up even if you don’t read it. Dell Otto is one of those that comes around, sneaks up on ya down the road. So it might not be a quick flip but could easily turn into a nice flip weeks, months or years from now.

Small Press Pick

Walking Dead #166 (Image) – Can’t go wrong with Walking Dead. The show is still hot, the comic is still a hit. Anything that happens in the books that happens in the show truly adds value so pick them up, stash them for later, even if you don’t read them. I’ll trade $3 for $10 or more any day of the week.

Another mention goes to Rock Candy Mountain #1 from Image, a new Image book worth checking out along with Extremity #2 hits stands. #1 was just awesome, definitely check it out if you haven’t done so already.

Indie Picks

Motor Girl #5 (Abstract Studios) – This book is just genius and clever. Don’t miss out on this. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so, it’s just great!

I got a second this week as well..

The other Indie pick goes to Eleanor & the Egret #1 from After-Shock comics. My love of Chew makes me love John Layman. So this one is definitely worth checking out as Anthony also mentioned this in his weekly video picks with Hoknes.

That’s all I got.. hate it, love it.. doesn’t bother me, I’m gonna sleep fine tonight!


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7 Responses to Poyo’s Picks of the Week for April 5th, 2017

  1. JayClue says:

    we read the garbage, because, ask Wookie and he will tell you…always read the fine print.

  2. schweizerdavid says:

    I’ll be picking up Eleanor & the Egret f for the Sam Kieth art.

    • agentpoyo says:

      That’s another reason as well… Totally meant to mention that but I wrote my picks so fast….

  3. Louie says:

    Loving motor girl!

  4. Magneto says:

    motor girl is one of my favorites

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