Look Who is Dying in Today’s Steve Rogers Captain America #15

I kind of prefaced it in my Wild Speculation and Secret Empire: Is Old Man Logan the Real Marvel 616 Future post. I talked about some rumors that I had been hearing that led me to think that the “real” future of the Marvel Universe would be Old Man Logan and that the events would start to build up and lead into Secret Empire. Well, one part has come true. Check out the spoiler for Steve Rogers Captain America #15 which is in stores today. By the way, spoilers follow the image is covered, just click on the spoiler warning image, however the text is not obscured.

Now we see why Steve Rogers Captain America #15 is wrapped in that Dell’Otto cover. It turns out to be an important issue.

Yes, we have seen him die and come back to life before. However, in the Wild Speculation post, I mentioned we see Red Skull in a Captain America costume in Old Man Logan. I also mentioned that I believe that is Steve Rogers as Red Skull in the book, it was just never mentioned (or they are retcon-ing the Red Skull to have actually been Steve Rogeers). Red Skull was president of the United States until Logan took him out. So, is Secret Empire building towards the Old Man Logan future, with Steve Rogers Red Skull as president? (That is until Marvel does their reboot again). Steve Rogers Captain America #15 is sold out at TFAW, 3 copies at Mycomicshop, and it looks like 25 copies at Midtown. It is  also sold out at Diamond Distributors.


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5 Responses to Look Who is Dying in Today’s Steve Rogers Captain America #15

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I’ve noticed Midtown limits everything to 25 copies now if you go above 25.. so they likely have more..

    • Anthony says:

      I am sure they do but all I can confirm is 25

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, go click on any comic to add to cart and put in more than 25.. they all come back as 25 quantity.. so yeah, we know they have at least 25 available.

        I noticed this trend when I was buying the 25 cent Walking Dead’s.. I had to make multiple orders to get more.. (for my box making decorations.. )

  2. Vann says:

    I remember all of those posts–thanks Anthony! It seemed very strange that Dell’Otto would be doing a cover for CA right out of the blue, so I thought this book might have some content (as well as the upcoming Secret Empire tie-in—glad I pre-ordered a bunch as that cover is stunning!

  3. A. King says:

    Forgot to pick up an extra copy today, I’ll just stick with the couple I pre-ordered.

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