Corvus Glaive will Appear in Avengers Infinity War

We mentioned several weeks back that Glaive and the Black Order would be potentially appearing in the Avengers Infinity War. Confirmation of this came out via twitter that he will be in the movie.

Glaive first appears in Infinity #1 FCBD. He is also a member of The Black Order, which first appears in New Avengers #8 (Vol. 3)New Avengers #8 (Vol. 3) has been on a selling frenzy on eBay today.

Newsarama had the tweet which came from The Daily Mail.
The Tweet shows on location photo’s of an actor in a motion capture suit holding what looks exactly like Glaive’s staff (also shown for comparison.) It should also be another that Glaive quit working with Thanos to go work with his son Thane who first appears in New Avengers #10 (Vol. 3), which could be huge if he should appear on screen.


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  1. binarytea says:

    infinity sketch with glaive may be a nice book

  2. They were incredibly cheap before the news, for a 1:50 ratio variant. I picked up the lee 1:75 for only $8.

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