Walking Dead #166 Spoilers

Walking Dead #166 is in stores tomorrow. It should be called Rick and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Because that is exactly what is going on for Rick this issue. Check out the spoilers below. The spoilers are protected by the spoiler image, just click on them to reveal the panels inside. My captions are not spoiler protected so only proceed if you do not mind spoilers. Also, it is the Walking Dead so language warning is in effect.

So when we left off, we saw Andrea in a predicament…

But back in town, the zombies are thinning out and father and son are reunited.

But those pesky zombies can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are fiends there to lend a hand.

Or maybe they aren’t friends…

Demands are put into place by Sherry, there leader of the Saviors…

Negan just can’t help being himself, and while Negan distracts Dwight eyes up a chance

And springs into action…

But Rick is always the diplomat.

Rick and Sherry meet to discuss terms.

Sherry makes what she wants clear in no uncertain terms….

Rick learns you just cannot bargain with some people….

Sherry tries different bargaining tactics…

She continues her ground and pound

Sherry brings a knife to a table fight

That bringing a knife to a table fight joke pays off

Rick realizes what has happened

As Andrea makes her return to Rick…

And we are still left with the cliff hanger….

Well that is it for this month. Next month things will probably continue to go pear shaped for Rick.


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