Free Comic Wednesday: Amazing Spiderman #25 Artgerm ComicXposure variants

Come for the CGC debt, stay for the Free Variants. If you are new here, and I have seen the stats today, there were a ton of new people here, we give away free comics every week. Free Variant comics. We are lucky enough to have several shops send us variants and store exclusives, convention exclusives too, that we give away.

This week we have a three pack of Amazing Spiderman #25 Artgerm Comicxposure variants. One winner will get all there covers, the regular, the copic, and the virgin. These retail for $99, so this is a great prize to win.

Thanks again to ComicXposure for sponsoring this giveaway. I have these in hand and ready to ship to the winner.

One winner will get all there covers, the regular, the copic, and the virgin.

The rules are simple:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2.  Enter your name in the comment section
  3. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.
  4. Winner drawn at random
  5. Winner will be announced on the site
  6. Winner will have 48 hours to contact us to arrange shipping details.
  7. Winners in the US get free shipping, foreign winners agree to chip in for shipping.

Thats it. Good luck to everyone.



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    Thank you!

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  28. A. King says:

    244 comments!!!!!!!! Wow I think that’s the most I have seen.

    • Anthony says:

      Lots of people have been coming to the site because of the CGC story. It was linked all over the inter webs. The next story is about a free variant and bam people jump right in.

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