Alterna Newsprint Books all sell out at Diamond before release 

The Newsprint line up from Alterna Comics have sold out at Diamond before release. They sold out even after a 25% increase in print runs. Looks like there is a demand for low cost books. 

AMAZING AGE #1, ADAM WRECK #1, CROAK #1, AND LILITH DARK #1 have all sold out at the distributor level before even hitting store shelves. Despite ordering a 25% larger print run, a surge in demand for the debut titles of Alterna’s newsprint line (sporting cover prices of $1.50 each) have yielded sold out print runs across the board.

Alterna will be going back to press pending demand from retailers once the books hit shelves on May 3rd.

Alterna also has four other titles currently in Diamond’s April Previews catalog, for release in June. MOTHER RUSSIA #1, TRESPASSER #1, and SCRIMSHAW #1 will all sport $1.50 cover prices — and THE CHAIR #1 will be priced at $1.00. 

These titles will all be printed on newsprint with a semi-gloss cover stock and most will be in full color. With the exception of the SCRIMSHAW series, all other titles are a mini-series of 3 to 5 issues.


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12 Responses to Alterna Newsprint Books all sell out at Diamond before release 

  1. Nicc T says:

    I’m really looking forward to these. Not only could cheap books have great stories but if one takes off the return could be huge. Let’s keep an eye on reviews!

  2. comicevents says:

    This great news all around.

  3. I ordered Croak. I was curious how these would go over. After talking to the guy at my LCS he said he was going to order several of these to see how they sold. I’d love cheaper books to become a thing. I wonder if nostalgia will wear off however and the cheap feel will be a deterrent.

  4. agentpoyo says:

    I hope they smell like my youth.. the smell of my old ASM books and Batman books from the spinner racks will make these enjoyable even if the story isn’t.. 🙂

  5. John Oppliger says:

    To play devil’s advocate, the sample pages of all of these books on Diamond’s PreviewsWorld site didn’t impress me. The only title that I’m actually curious about is Mother Russia, but apparently it’s a reprint. So if I really want it, I’ll just track down the cheap original printing issues from a few years ago.

    • Anthony says:

      I don’t know, there were a couple coming out that I was interested in. Trespasser for one, The Chair will continue past the 0 issue that came out a while ago. At one point Marvel was doing two covers, a collectors market cover that they called a premium or something, and a regular cheaper version. I wish they almost would do this again.

      On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 4:06 PM, COMICSHEATINGUP.NET wrote:


      • The Chair had a ton of hype but in reality I didn’t think it was that good. I’m not continuing on with it. I wonder how many other people felt the same.

      • I remember those; it would say “Deluxe” on the cover. I actually first started collecting right around that time, and I felt like the glossy pages were easier to damage when reading, compared to the regular paper ones. I was figuring they’d stop doing them after a while. Turned out to be the opposite.

      • Anthony says:

        That is correct. I used to buy both because I was an obsessive completist.

    • agentpoyo says:

      The new ones on newsprint will be cheaper than the original issues which were $3.99 each, unless of course you find them in the dollar bins…

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