New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/12/17

Terry Hoknes from and I sit down to look and talk about this weeks hot new releases. We spotlight the ones we think are going to be the thumbs up winners of the week. Here is this week’s video for books delivering on 4/12/17


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7 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/12/17

  1. Richard Sean says:

    Thanks for the video as always guys! I’m really hoping my LCS gets some copies of Heathen in. They didn’t get any #2s in sadly.

    It’s crazy how the controversy for XMen Gold has made the price jump up. My LCS is selling them for $10 a piece now because of it.

    Also that America 2 is a monster. Btw I believe it was a 1:50 ratio variant. The 1:25 isn’t getting a lot of love on the after market. But nonetheless great video and thanks for all you guys do and share!

  2. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Good job guys! Yesterday was my Son’s 4th birthday and as a tradition I always go get a new comic for his collection. I always try to get a #1 that has come out near his b-day and I was torn between X-men Prime and Gold. I went with Gold cover D, so I’m glad I made that choice.

  3. I’m liking these videos. They bring a couple items worth considering to my attention before New Comic Book Day! Just in time for my LCS requests each week.

  4. Thanks as always guys, great to get insight from two guys who know their stuff..Has helped me pick up some good ones..grabbed Z Nation and Deadpool vs. Punisher based on your recommendations!

  5. Vann says:

    Another great video gents. Probably a wise idea to avoid getting into the whole Ardian Syaf art with hidden meanings—seems like a bottomless pit of cloudy context that people will be arguing about for some time.

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