Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 47

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover season. Please, don’t eat to much food or candy,  don’t drink and drive and enjoy the time with family and friends. Thank you, as always,  for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice and surport. Before we make some money with some comics, allow me to give some thoughts about a few things.

Hope I am not Thor-ing you to death but, the first Thor 3 trailer was just amazing. Very excited for it now. I hope it is true to Planet Hulk, that Planet Hulk animated movie was decent.  Riverdale is just a great show, anyone else checking it out? Superman #20, Batman #20, Inhumans Prime#1, Nightwing #18, and Green Lantern #20 were all tied for my reads of the week. I am hooked on this Monster Energy Drink and I think I-zombie and the CW are missing out on money by not doing a promotion with an energy drink company and putting a limited Mad Max energy drink even if it  was just for a convention.

If anyone wants to work a few shows with me, helping me set up and break down and sort through a collection I have coming in you can email me at lets make some with comics, because you can’t teach that

1. 2000 AD #488489 – yeah I know most 2000 AD issues are worth nothing. However, this magazine from Britain was the first place some fo the industry’s greatest creators got their start. Case in point #s 488-489 are the early (if not the first) works of Neal Gaiman and they are cheap $5-10

2. Wolverine #131 Recalled Version – with all the X-Men Gold crazysauce going on, I wanted to point out a recalled comic from the past. Back in simpler and gentler times the racial slur issue of Wolverine, where Sabertooth used a racial term for Jewish people was crazy hot. It was a “lettering error” (I guess like CGC’s Clerical error on that MP 15 9.2). This is now a $10-20 bill but can still be found in the wild very cheap

3. X-Men #128 (1991 series) – speaking of stuff being snuck into comics,  this issue has the word sex hidden in it.  The word sex is used a bunch of times in the background. Ethan Van Sciver did a great job on this issue $3-5

4. Onslaught Reborn #2 Joe Mad Variant –  wow that Thor trailer…  Everything Hulk vs Thor should be on the radar, not just Planet Hulk. This is a sweet Joe Mad variant with Hulk vs Thor $5

5. Hulk #6 Red and Green variants (2008 series)  – Hulk vs Thor, Jeph Loeb, Thor Ragnarok, and November, equals money.

6. The Incredible Hulk #254#255 (Vol. 1) –  I know I mentioned this before, but I watched the trailer seven times and I am going to review it for my podcst in a bit. This is a two part Hulk vs Thor fight $10 and up

7. Masters of the Universe #1 second print (Image series) –  Skeletor cover, wow! Invincible is becoming a movie. Seth Rogan and company. Well those preview books are hot and He-Man, he is cool. This is the second print which is tougher in the wild $5 and up

8. Dark Horse Presents #1 Wizard Ace Edition – Isn’t Concrete going to be a movie? any updates with that? Well, this is Concrete’s first appearance and it is the Wizard Ace Edition. The fancy covers get damaged easily, so high grades are tough at times $10-20

9.  Incredible Hulk #470 (Volume 1) – another Hulk vs Thor battle. Cheap find, low print, as are all the final original Hulk issues $5 and up

10. Ultimate Spiderman #1 Wizard Ace Edition – wow this series was great and especially #1 had a lot of printings, I didn’t notice that there was a Wizard Ace Edition for this one. Homecoming baby!

11. Incredible Hulk #234 – I am very excited for Guardians Volume 2, but does anyone think that the first Quasar is underrated and undervalued? Maybe one day we get Quasar on screen that would be #awesomesauce $10 and up

12. Flash #36 37 38 39 40 New 52 – this is one gem. I am loving this season of the CW Flash. This is the finish to the Future Flash storyline. Future Flash tries to change the future, doesn’t that sound like this entire season? My theory is that the big bad of season three is future Barry $5 and up

13. Flash Annual #3 (Volume 4) – 1st Future Barry Alan (see number #12) for my reason $5 and up

14. Justice League Europe #23 – I might be the only one enjoying Powerless on Thursday nights, but it is a fun show. Crimson Fox is on it and this is her origin story and is cheap as heck $5-10

15. Ren and Stimpy Scratch and Sniff book – hey it is Ren and Stimpy, it smells when you scratch it and it is f-ing awesome, nuff said

16. DC Special Series Treasury 27  – Batman vs the Hulk, and Batman wins.  WTF is this? Batman is a smart dude, but the Hulk should at least break a few bones, like on the level of Bane. Well early eighties and all but compared to the Superman vs Spiderman books from this era it is still cheap and tougher to find. $30 and up

17. The Paybacks #1 – Dark Horse Comics. Donny Cates is on fire. Redneck #1 and God Country #4 drops next week. I just discovered Buzzkill and Paybacks and I think they should get some well deserved heat $3-5

18. Batman Gotham Knights #14 – Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a kissing contest in Arkham. This is a cheap book, but silly fun, and oh yeah, Gotham City Sirens baby $5

19. Aquaman 12 (New 52) Robot Chicken Variant – the DC Robot Chicken Specials were just a masterpiece in modern animation. This variant came out to promote the first one, I believe it was a 1 in 15 and spawned a robot chicken variant theme month a year or so later $20 and up.

20. Avengers Forever #1 – this has a Deadpool cover appearance. He is on the cover only, we are spoiled by how many Deadpool covers we get a month now-a-days, however in 1999 not so much so this is a dollar box

find happy hunting

well until next week be#awesomesauce keep the hand strong, use the force,
and be good to yourselves. thank you again for everything I love you and
I am so blessed to have you all in my life
blind adam out


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  1. Jay says:

    Flash annual 3 is the first app of New Wally West Kid Flash

  2. JayClue says:

    ‘Hope I am not Thor-ing you to death but…’, Womp Womp! Lmao

  3. David Bitterbaum says:

    Paybacks was a fun read and set in the same universe as the phenomenal, “Buzzkill,” comic I adored. My hope is that if Cates keeps getting more and more popular people will seek out his earlier and just as awesome stuff!

  4. Matt Riley says:

    Thanks Adam! Nice list as always!

  5. James Falconer says:

    Maybe I misread, but that isn’t Concrete’s 1st appearance. That Wizard crap is 9 years too late. 1st appearance is from 1986, not 1995.

  6. Where’s Waldo? Is Deadpool on the Regular Cover to Avengers Forever#1? I’m not spotting him…

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