Dolph Lundgren Joins Aquaman Movie

Dolph Lundgren who has played both He-Man and the Punisher, and who will forever be known as Drago in Rocky IV, has joined the cast of Aquaman. 

Lundgren will be playing King Nereus the ruler of Xebel. Nereus first appears in Aquaman #19 (New 52).


It looks like DC Entertainment is bringing another heavyweight talent to its roster. In an exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter, fans have just learned that Dolph Lundgren will be returning to the big screen thanks to Aquaman.

According to reports, Lundgren is playing a character created by Geoff Johns himself. The star has been tasked with playing King Nereus of the kingdom Xebel. The character is one who covets Mera for himself and pins his aggression on Arthur Curry in order to steal the heroine away. To make sure Mera becomes his own, King Nereus does the one thing all bad guys love to do: he tries to kill Aquaman.


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  1. Cyber Golem says:

    Nice to see the actor still making movies!!

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