Wednesday Winner: Solar Flare #1 Scout Comics

It is nice to walk into the comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer to pick up your books on Wednesday and be able to flip some of them for multiple times cover price. Solar Flare #1 (Scout Comics) is one of those books.

Solar Flare #1(Scout Comics) the Scout released version has sold as high as $17.99. Several lower priced copies sold out quickly. The self-published version has also been selling with a set closing at $146.17 The Glow in the Dark has sold for $45. The regular cover has recently sold for $6.99 too. Sets seem to be the way to go on the regular covers if you are looking to sell a set.


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4 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Solar Flare #1 Scout Comics

  1. Kirk Lange says:

    Luckily I picked up 5 copies from Midtown before they sold out.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    I sold my variant self published #1 today for $39.99.. 🙂

  3. A. King says:

    Still holding on to my self-published set…….for now. May pick up another set if possible.

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