Wednesday Winner: Heathen #3

It is nice to walk into the comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics. It is even nicer to pick up your books on Wednesday and be able to flip some of them for multiple times cover price. Heathen #3 is one of those books.

Heathen #3 is selling steadily at $9.99 with the current crop of books on eBay being listed around $14.99. The Heathen #3 1:5 variant is also selling well. Most copies are listed around $40. Closed copies of the book have been selling well for $40. Sets of #3 have sold for $44 which seems like money left on the table.


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17 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Heathen #3

  1. john dye says:

    Got my heathen 1/5 listed on the bay but no bites yet.

  2. Kirk Lange says:

    I found 2 of the regular cover and 1 1:5. Good stuff!

  3. Kevin Verdine says:

    Any opinions on the 1:5 being good long term or get rid of it within the next couple weeks?

  4. john dye says:

    I don’t think this is a long term pick. Honestly. Unless of a movie option or anything. It’s a safe bet to get rid of it.

  5. Dewayne Scott says:

    All $miles on thi$ one. Thx for the head$ up.

  6. Richard Sean Guevara says:

    Still sad that my LCS didnt get any of #2 or #3 in. They did find me an issue #1, which was nice but I definitely like the story and want it for my PC as well. Hoping they ordered #4 for me at least, I probably should make sure lol

  7. JayClue says:

    I’m picking up my reserved copy tomorrow. I pre ordered it, and am curious if the store will have any extra copies on the shelf.

  8. Zeus says:

    Missed out but have one on order..did find a number 1 at cost recently

  9. John Oppliger says:

    Just in case some speculators are unaware, Heathen volume 1 is a four-issue mini-series. Volume 2 is another four-issue miniseries out this winter. Natasha Alterici says on her Kickstarter page, “They are putting Heathen out on a monthly basis now, and since the first issue just came out in February that would mean the second volume is not set to be released until later this year, probably around November.”

  10. Vann says:

    Yup—-her Volume 2 has been funded via Kickstarter for a while now. Interesting way to launch this project. IE in 4 issue tranches. Very impressive so far.

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