Jimmy Hudson is in X-Men Blue

There has been much speculation that James Hudson, the Ultimate Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe and the Ultimate X series was the figure obscured in the promo’s for X-Men Blue. Cullen Bunn let it loose tonight that James Hudson is in X-Men Blue (and could possibly be donning the Wolverine outfit.)

Since the rumor started, copies of James Hudson’s first appearance in Ultimate X #1 have been blowing up. the 1:50 variant being top dog, but look out as there are two covers nearly identical, the one with barcode 111 has bone claws and is not the 1:50, and the one with metal claws and bar code ending in 151  is the actual 1:50. The next go-to copy seems to be the 1:8 Metal Claws variant which is a claw swap of the regular cover. Next up is the 1:25 foil cover. The 1:15 Villains Variant is the cheapest of the variant covers due to not having Jimmy Hudson on the cover. The Second Print and the Third Print are also doing well, both in the $20-30 range.


(Wonder who the villain is?) and finally


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14 Responses to Jimmy Hudson is in X-Men Blue

  1. Kevin M says:

    I think 1:50 barcode ends in 151 not 115.

  2. Alkis Macrozonaris says:

    Young Man Logan

  3. Alkis Macrozonaris says:

    It could. I mean I doubt the print run for Ultimate X was huge.

    Add the fact that the popular cover was a 1:8 Metal Claw variant and it makes just rare enough keep its value. What’s interesting too is that that issue (metal claw) is not so easy to find in the wild.

    The 1:50 Metal Claw Art Adams variant also helps.

    • Anthony says:

      I just picked up and sold the 1:8 metal claws variant this weekend along with a few of the other variants cheap this weekend. Sold the 1:8 for $85.

  4. OC_Guy says:

    Glad I picked up most of these last month. The 1:25 was as low as $5…The only one that was a bit pricey was the 1:50…Didn’t get that one.

  5. Alana says:

    Paid $15 for it not to bad considering was late to the train.

  6. Lonzilla says:

    Sold the metal claw last week for $20 not knowing it was a variant because the barcode “lied.” But flipped enough X-Men Gold #1’s so win some, lose some, it all evens out

    • Anthony says:

      Have yet t move an X-Men Gold myself……

      • Lonzilla says:

        Anthony, is that by choice? Do you think X-Men Gold #1 still has legs and is a keeper? How about the next 2 issues since they already went to print before he got fired?

      • Anthony says:

        Hey Lonzilla. I have lowered my prices on X-Men Gold #1 several times with no bites. I think there is just plenty of copies to go around so it is on the down slide. I would sell now and rebuy at a cheaper price if you are interested in getting one. There is a rumor that the second issue may have already been pulled. No way would Marvel allow themselves to take a punch in the gut via a PR nightmare like this again. So I bet the second and third issues have been sanitized already.

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