New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/19/17

Each week Terry Hoknes from and Anthony from, well, here, do a video chat where we talk about the new comics coming out for the following Wednesday and pick the ones we think are going to be winners. Here is this weeks video for books delivered on 4/19/17:


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6 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/19/17

  1. Cyber Golem says:

    Redneck sounds good. I dont see any variants for issue 1 though. I read the preview and it looked sweet. Im interested in this one. Love these videos u all do. They are amazing great quality.

  2. Matt C says:

    Thanks for the picks guys..its funny I just blindly pre-order Image #1s now..hadn’t realized the synopsis of Plastic was so off the wall until you mentioned it lol Might have to grab an extra or two just in case!

  3. A. King says:

    As always great video. I like the God Country #1 4th print cover the best so far.

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