April 2017 Unboxing

I got in the Comic Book Mystery box for April 2017 from Each month is a mix of Marvel and DC Comics #1 books, 15 in total, plus a variant. April’s box has two variants, and I thought these were really cool. this is a great subscription box for people who want to try out different series or for new collectors. Check out what is in this months box.


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Collector of comics for 30 years.
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3 Responses to April 2017 Unboxing

  1. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Nice set of #1s and Variants. I might have to try this one. Kind of unrelated, but are you still doing Bam Box? You recommended it to me a few months ago so I tried it out. Unfortunately my first box was the 90s box which was a huge disappointment, so I skipped a month but this month’s theme is “Revenge: Bad Blood” and is going to have something featuring Punisher, X-Men, and Toxic Avenger (only 12 hrs left on this box). So I’m going to give it one more shot and if it ends up sucking I think I will drop it and go with the ComicbookMysterybox. They seem to be very solid based on your last few videos.

  2. A. King says:

    I have got one of those Venom Lethal Protector #1’s packed away in a short box somewhere.

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