Sand + Bone By JT Krul Review

A while back someone asked me to do more reviews on Original Graphic Novels. So, since I do appreciate good reads and I do love horror, I was happy to get an advanced copy of Sand + Bones by J.T. Krul.

Sand + Bones is the new Original Graphic Novel from Adaptive Comics and J.T. Krul, who previously worked on Green Arrow (New 52), Captain Atom, and Aspen Comics Fathom.

Here is the solicitation for Sand + Bone

Sean Hitcher has just returned from war. He didn’t die in Iraq, but part of him wishes that he did. He’s home now, back in the small Midwestern town he grew up in. But he is haunted by nightmarish visions of killing and carnage that seem to be the result of severe PTSD. But are they? Is there something he’s missing. …

As mysterious acts of violence spread throughout the town, Sean begins to wonder if there’s more going on than he originally thought. What terror did he experience on the battlefield, and what horrifying secret did he bring back with him?


Sand + Bones mixes psychological horror with more traditional horror. Sean Hitcher, the main character, is trying to adjust to being back in his home town after returning from war in the Middle East. Like many soldiers overseas, he brought back a lot of trauma with him, but unlike many soldiers, he may have brought back something much darker.

When Sean’s prescription runs out, he has to see his ex Hannah, who works in the town’s pharmacy, to try to get more. When it doesn’t work out, he relies on self medicating. Needless to say things do not work out and get violent.

Incidents happen and animals and people go missing, and something dangerous may be the cause.

Overall, the story was a great read, somewhat quick at around 50 pages, but very well done and a satisfying read. The end had a nice twist, not to give away too much, but the movie ‘Dog Soldiers’ comes to mind a bit.

Sand + Bones is out this week from Adaptive Books and will only be available from Barnes and Nobel. In October, the book will hit additional outlets.



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    It seems like I’m going to be looking for this on my next trip to Barnes and Noble.

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