Spoilers: Batman #21 The Button

Batman #21 is out tomorrow and is a hell of a read. Spoilers follow. They are obscured, however the accompanying text is not. Please only read ahead if you do not mind spoilers. I can say that The Button starts out with a bang!

Click the spoiler warning to see each image.

There is a major hockey game going on Gotham between Gotham and Metropolis.

We see Saturn Girl remembers it.

The hockey game is in the back ground of much of the story and kind of frames what is to come. Also, notice the not too hidden poster in the background. Could this be why Saturn Girl is here?

Meanwhile, in the Batcave….

Batman twiddles the Button while the game is on in the back ground.

Again, hockey, we see what Saturn Girl knew about. I am sure this will play out more later. They focused a lt on the game so it must be connected in some way.

Batman drops the button and it has a reaction to Psycho-Pirates mask.

A big reaction

The results are Batman sees…..

Batman calls Flash for help but he is a little busy….

A few seconds later Batman hears the Flash….

Well, a Flash…..

The fight ensues

Reverse Flash gives more than he gets.

You will notice the time stamps, half the issue takes place over the one minute while Batman is waiting for the Flash to arrive.

Reverse Flash finds a letter….

And being a jerk….

Triumphant, Reverse Flash moves on to the mystery of the Button.

Not sure if it was the Button doing it, or the fact that it had a reaction to the Psycho-Pirates mask, but we get this. Wonder who the “blue, electrical” God Reverse Flash could be referring to….

But seeing it doesn’t seem to work out for him. Oh, and Flash shows up.

Thoughts? Cannot wait for Flash #21 now for part 2.


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7 Responses to Spoilers: Batman #21 The Button

  1. knowledgeable one says:

    mel told me to say ,
    way to ruin the book

  2. Brennan says:

    Looks good. I’ve been pretty pumped for this story. It’s got it all! Batman, the flash, reverse flash, a button!
    Wait, wasn’t the button embedded in the wall? I wonder how he got it out without damaging it because I have a similar button problem in my cave too….

  3. Alana says:

    What does this have to do with Flashpoint #5?

  4. A. King says:

    Wow that does look good, it’s in my pullbox waiting for me.

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