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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 132nd edition of the open forum!

Well, last week turned out to be another interesting week with some good flips. Solar Flare #1 and Heathen #3 rules the roost. Hoping to see another week like last!

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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101 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Brian Springman says:

    Books I’m picking up/pre-ordered:

    Batman #21 Lenticular & International
    Batwoman #2 cover B Jones
    Harley Quinn #18 cover B Cho
    Superman #21 cover A

    God Country #1 4th print
    God Country #2 3rd print
    God Country #4 cover A&B
    Plastic #1 cover A
    Redneck #1

    Monsters Unleashed #1 Barberi 1:50
    Ms. Marvel #17 cover B Kubert Resurrxion
    Nick Fury #1 Land 1:25
    Royals #2 Granov 1:25
    U.S. Avengers #5 cover B Ramos Resurrxion

    World Reader #1 + Torque 1:10

    Ninjak #26 Lotay 1:50

    Failsafe #1

  2. Corey Alban says:

    Did anyone see that Korg the kornan was announced to be in Thor: Ragnarok. Might want to keep and eye on incredible hulk volume 3 issue 93. As it is his first appearance as Korg.

    • Anthony says:

      I saw that they were doing animation tests for him and the insect guy whose name escapes me

      • OC_Guy says:

        That guy is “Meik”…I think that’s how its name is spelled…. Its first appearance is in Hulk #92 which is already pricey but may have even more room to grow as they show more of the movie!

    • OC_Guy says:

      If they are putting Korg in, and I am glad they are Hulk #93 “could” jump to a $20 book. Right now they are as low as $6…plus shipping. Really depends if they give him a big enough roll.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Oops…role not roll….. unless they are paying the animation in large quantities of bready food products.

    • Alana says:

      Korg’s first appearance is Journey #83 same as Thor

      • OC_Guy says:

        Yeah, this is where things can get a bit convoluted. I don’t think he was named in JIM #83, but in the Planet Hulk story line I believe he mentioned meeting Thor or something like that. Need to go back and re-read a bunch of all this. If that’s the case I was reading online that same group of Korans from #83 are seen again in a later Thor… issue. #255. I don’t have that issue, so I can’t be sure. It will be interesting to see how CGC and CBCS will list him. Will it be JIM #83 or where he was first named as with Hulk #93…unless he was indeed named in JIM #83…Had a completely destroyed copy of #83 back in the early 90’s…sold it to put toward other keys so I will need to pick up a reprint….not that I would read the original if I still had it due to how insane prices have gotten…Does anyone remember when it was still relatively affordable to buy beat up silver age keys and actually read them???

      • Corey A. says:

        Yea I think it should be hulk #93. First time he was introduced as Korg.

      • Corey A. says:

        Just checked a cgc hulk #93 and the label lists Korg as first appearance in this issue

      • agentpoyo says:

        According to the Wikipedia.. “Created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan, Korg was inspired by Thor’s origin story[1] and was later retconned in The Incredible Hulk #94 into one of the stone creatures that fought Thor in Journey into Mystery #83 released in 1963.”

        Journey is gonna be out of reach for most people but Incredible Hulk #93 and #94 are gonna be the ones to likely grab for most.. Won’t see much heat on Journey but could see it on the Hulk issues.

      • agentpoyo says:

        So Incredible Hulk 93 shows a great deal of Korg and only Korg as named by him in the book:

        While Journey Into Mystery #83 refers to them as the Stone Men and there were quite a few of them that Thor battles, most of the scenes showed 2-3 of them..

      • OC_Guy says:

        I suppose the best bet for those who don’t have them already would be to get both Hulk #93 & 94…..Oh, and a first print JiM #83 just to be on the safe side.

  3. brian lake says:

    Im sure I will pick up a bit, headed out to Chicago for C2E2 this week – Wish me luck!

  4. Shines says:

    Had a few nice dollar bin pickups this past weekend. Bought a collection of about 20 Wonder Woman issues with J.G. Jones covers all signed by Jones. Also got a bunch of Invincible back issues, and a nice run of X-23 issues.

    Getting The Button issues this week all covers. Hoping it doesn’t turn out the Button is just a WalMart sticker that got stuck on Alfred’s shoe when he stopped to buy cheezits.
    Also the Cho Harley, Plastic #1, Redneck #1, & the God Countrys.

  5. Brennan says:

    Pretty quiet week here. Had a nice four day weekend filled with food and Napa and legion. Man that was a weird show. Good. But weird. I feel like every third episode or so they tossed in a conversation that essentially explained what had been going on. I look forward to season two.

    This week I am getting:
    All star Batman – francavilla
    Back to the future
    Batman – lenticular
    Green lanterns
    I hate fairyland
    Invincible – Gwenvincible if possible/real – Its real right?!?!
    Justice league
    Secret empire
    Sex criminals – regular and xxx
    Super sons – Nguyen
    Wild storm – lee
    Probably plastic if they have it. Sounds too sexy to pass up.

  6. Alana says:

    This weeks pickups….

    Batgirl #1 new 52 movie news. $15

    Vampire tales #2 1st Santana paid $12 free shipping

    Power Pack #18 Thor #341 1st Kurse from Thor 2 film. Dollar each

    Daredevil #232 1st Nuke from Jessica Jones show 2 bucks

    New Mutants #8 1st Magma $1

    New Mutants #29 1st Guido “Strongman” $1

    Amazing Spider-Man #340 1st Femmefatale $1

    Web of Spider-Man #86 1st Demogoblin $1

    Avengers #326 1st Rage $1

    Fury of Firestorm #19 1st Kaitlin Snow cover price

    Totally Awesome Hulk #3 1st Kid Kaiju cover price

    Xmen #305 1st Phalanax $1

    Ultimate x #1 1st Jimmy $15

    • Anthony says:

      That’s an awesome price on that Vampire Tales

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    • JayClue says:

      I went to a real small shop yesterday, that I visit every so often. I was looking for a specific recent book, Awesome Hulk #3. The shop keep informed me that another LCS owner (whos establishment I also frequent, but is a good 40-50 miles away), came in on the weekend and cleared out his back issue bins of spec books, and that particular book. I thought that was pretty cheeky. Whats the communities thoughts on one LCS owner spec’ing at another LCS? Ill Tell you one thing, its not good for me. That means two LCSs i visit wont have any spec books in the bins, and the one who is buying everything, sells at ebay prices. I am curious to see tomorrow if my LCS, where I have my subs, has the issue im looking for. He is located right in the middle of the two LCS’ mentioned above. Or did the one owner hit up every shop within 50 miles?

      • Anthony says:

        I don’t mind LCS working together on orders or floating each other copies of New books they can sell to their customers at cover. But clearing out all the potentially hot spec books out of another store is kind of shady.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        I really don’t see a difference between you going into a lcs to buy a spec book and someone else going into a lcs to buy the same spec book. Sounds like you are both intending on selling the same book and the other person got there first and they just happen to own a comic book store. Makes sense to me that this person would look to buy spec books at other stores. Awesome Hulk 3 is not new but I really don’t think that makes a difference.

  7. schweizerdavid says:

    Picking up this week:
    Shaolin Cowboy 1 (maybe both covers)
    Descender 21 (dropped the series once, thinking about dropping it again, but the art is too good and it reminds me of Moonshadow, movie news would be good right about now)
    God Country 4 (haven’t read 1-3 yet)
    I Hate Fairyland 12 (always the NSW cover and maybe the Southern Bastards cover too)
    Low 17 Powell cover (maybe both covers, one of my favorite series right now)
    Monstress 11
    S Criminals 18 both covers (maybe if I don’t spell out the word, my post won’t get dumped into Tony’s spam folder)

    Venom 6
    Dark Crystal 2 (Takeda cover)
    Harley 18 Cho cover

    Orc Stain 1 CGC 9.8 (I have faith the next issues will come out eventually)

  8. Personal collection:

    Batman 21 (lenticular and international);
    Redneck 1 (1 copy to keep next to my ashcan);
    Poe Dameron 13 (regular cover, 40th anniversary covers are eh to me );
    Venom 6 (have some Mattinas and Kirkhams coming in, but i want a reader);

    Quick Flip pick ups:

    Secret Empire #0 Rod Reis cover (no interest at all in this dung fire of an event. Much interest in other peoples’ interest);
    Royals 2 Granov cover (the classic issue 2 incentive variant under order scenario!);
    X-Men Gold (anti-semitic edition!) (these things are churning within hours of listing on the daily at $11.99);

    Longterm holds:

    Flashpoint back issues;
    Redneck (2 or 3 copies as a market watch);
    Ultimate X 1 (just interested to see if my LCS has any)

    • schweizerdavid says:

      DrunkWookie, on a side note, did you see the John Oliver show this week with the video clip of the French politician referring to Larry Skywalker that that weird bear?

      • Brennan says:

        Ah yes, Larry Skywalker. Luke’s lesser known, slacker half-brother.
        We don’t talk about Larry ever since he was legally compelled to place himself on the intergalactic sex offender registry.

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. Larry was working at Reliable Used Land Speeders last they mentioned him.

      • I was inconsolable with laughter. My wife gave up on watching the rest of the show until my fit of hysteria ended. Little known DrunkWooky fact #1138: I was actually born in Bristol, England. My family’s long continental history makes me particularly susceptible to jokes about the French.

      • Brennan says:

        Reliable used land speeder had a wack wavy inflatable arm flailing tube-droid last time i cruised by.

      • Anthony says:

        Yeah. They used to have the red one but I understand some drunk teen Jawas stole it as a prank one night. They have the blue one out there now.

  9. Zeus says:

    2x Redneck
    god country 4 + 4th print 1
    Lady death
    Nick fury
    Batman 21 2 covers

  10. Louie says:

    Batman – lenticular and international covers
    Batgirl 2 – Jones cover
    Plastic – too weird to pass up
    Sill trying to track down the Star Wars Celebration Funko pops that were unleashed last week.

  11. Alana says:

    Get on West coast Avengers 46, New Warriors 3rd series #1, New warriors 3rd series #4, Thor 411, 412, Amazing Spider-Man annual 22, and of course Squirrel Girl new info on cast of New Warriors out!

  12. Corey A. says:

    Pretty good day at the lcs

    Redneck #1 x 3
    Plastic #1a
    Asm #654 2nd print for 7.00
    Secret avengers #23 7.00 as well
    Incredible hulk #93
    Uncanny xmen #493 2nd print

  13. schweizerdavid says:

    My lcs only had 1 Harley 18 Cho cover, 2 Venom 6, and 0 World Reader 1 variants on the shelf when it opened. It did have a pretty large stack of Redneck 1. I picked up the new issue of Mirror (Emma Rios) and a Venom 9 with an awesome Sam Kieth Wolverine vs Venom cover.

  14. Alana says:

    Cloak and Dagger trailer up.

  15. After the earlier mention of Star Wars celebration Pops I decided to check the May spoiler for Smugglers bounty….I’m super pumped for it. Another home run and another reason why this is the best subscription box on the market.

  16. tim says:

    Batman #21(lenticular cover)
    Daredevil #19(Resurrxion cover)
    Failsafe #1
    Harley Quinn #18(Cho cover)
    HookJaw #1
    Ms. Marvel #17(Ressurxion cover)
    Nick Fury #1
    Redneck #1
    Plastic #1
    Secret Empire #0
    The Shaolin Cowboy #1(Frank Miller cover)
    White #4

  17. tim says:

    Oh yeah.. God Country #4(Zaffino cover) a cool series!

  18. OC_Guy says:

    Was able to hit a few stores today
    Pickups are:

    Batman #21 all covers
    God Country #1 4th print
    God Country #4
    Great Lakes Avengers #1 (Heard it was a good read)
    Plastic #1 cover B
    Redneck #1 x4… From the sounds of it I may have done well with this one.
    Venom #6

    Also, because I am a sucker for silver and bronze I did pick up Defenders #27 &28 in higher grade just as the news broke that Stallone will play Starhawk. No great deal on them but got them before the prices spiked with the news. I don’t see these being huge but why not!

  19. A. King says:

    Only one shop for me today……
    Superman #21a and b
    H.Q. #18b
    Cave Carson #7a and b
    Redneck #1
    Godshaper #1c
    Going to be checking out some more shops tomorrow.

  20. JCH says:

    Pick-ups for me included:
    * Redneck 1
    * God Country 4
    * Black Hammer 8
    * Doctor Strange 19
    * Batman 21 (Lenticular cover)

    … on the fence about World Reader and Fail Safe; however, my wallet (or lack thereof) made the decision for me. Did Nam Wolf come out this week? I thought it was but maybe it was delayed or I misunderstood… meh.

    Gotta say though… Donny Cates knows how to spin a great yarn … Redneck is an impressive start to a new series from a reading perspective… as well as from a spec perspective. WOW! And, my returning favourite, Black Hammer… issue #8 just adds to the layers of questions… if you are not reading this comic you really should consider it.

  21. Richard Sean says:

    picked up more comics this week than I expected. Guess my pull list comics all decided to come out the same week. Which is nice, but man I really need to catch up on reading. I’m a few weeks behind already lol. But I picked up

    Harley Quinn #18 cover b
    God Country #4
    Monstress #11 (I’m so behind on this. I’ve only read up to #7 but I keep picking up the new issues)
    Supersons #3 (Sad to see the price is back up to 3.99 as opposed to 2.99)
    Doctor Strange 19 (I’m missing 17 and I forgot YET AGAIN to pick it up so I can read 18 and now 19)
    Redneck #1 (got 3 copies but my LCS has a pretty big stack left of them. So if they start heating up more I’ll come back and pick up the rest.
    Plastic #1 (April fools variant)
    Batman 21 (The lenticular cover cuz it’s cool and then International cover as well)

    I’ll be watching how Redneck does on the bay. If it blows up, I definitely gotta go back to my LCS and clean them out.

    • Richard Sean says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention I was super bummed out my LCS didn’t get any cover Bs of Ms. Marvel #17. I know it’s doing well on eBay, but I just want one for my PC cuz that cover is sweet.

      • JayClue says:

        I found a shop today that had 15-20 of the Ms. Marvel #17 Ressurrxion cover. I bought 8 and found another 2 at other shops. It has been good to me. Everyone in my area seemed to be going Redneck and was overlooking that Sweet X23 variant cover.

      • Anthony says:

        My LCS did not get the X-23 cover in because they order so many copies of books it’s hard to go 125%. Some shops order 4 of a book then they only order 5. My LCS orders 100 copies and will sell 80 it makes no sense for them to order 125

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      • Richard Sean says:

        Seriously that cover is sweet

      • JayClue says:

        If you want, Sean, I’ll hook you up with a copy for a good deal. Just let me know, here, And we will work something out.

      • Richard Sean says:

        Hey Jay I’d be interested in that. Went looking around other shops today and no one seemed to have the Ms. Marvel 17 cover b. They either sold out or didn’t get any in.

        Looks like redneck sold out everywhere too, except my LCS…..who is now selling it for $10 a piece.

      • Anthony says:

        I couldn’t find them either drove me nuts

  22. JayClue says:

    I had a good day at the shops today. My pick k ups were:

    God Country #1, 4th
    God Country #4, A&B
    Ms. Marvel #17, RssxnVar. x10 (managed to sell 4 already and have already almost doubled my investment)
    X-23 #10 (2010)
    Plastic #1, A,B&C
    Redneck #1 x5 (have sold 1)
    Moon Knight #13
    Batman #21, lent.x1 & Intl x2
    All Star Bats #9, Jock Cover
    Venom #6
    Harley #18, B x3
    XMen Gold #1, antisemitic version $7
    Black Hammer #5-#9, looking to read this series, need issues 2-4 now.
    Awesome Hulk #3 x5
    Worst XMan Ever #3 x2
    Harley’s Black Book #6, 1:25. $45
    All New Wolvie #19, KRS Artgerm x3 (1 to keep, 2 to flip)
    My order of Ultimate X #1s are on their way as well, the order included a 2nd print, a 3rd print, a Villians variant and another variant (not sure which one) – this order is coming from Westfield comics?, and I got the link from the CHU article about Jimmy, that Tony posted a month or two ago. Each book was $4. Thanks, CHU!

  23. J. Coleman says:


    Sex Criminals 18 xxx cvr
    Batman 21 3D cvr
    Redneck 1
    God Country 4 a
    World Reader 1 a
    Harley Quinn 18 b


    All-New All-Different Marvel Reading Chronology #1 – FREE – Limit 1 Per Customer
    All-Star Batman #8 Cover C Variant Francesco Francavilla Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #25 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover
    American Gods Shadows #1 Cover C Variat Dave McKean Cover
    Archie Vol 2 #18 Cover C Variant Robert Hack Cover
    Black Panther World Of Wakanda #5 Cover A Regular Afua Richardson Cover
    Captain America Sam Wilson #20
    Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #6 Cover B Variant Brendan McCarthy Cover
    Comic Shop News #1558
    Daredevil Vol 5 #18
    Darkness Visible #2 Cover B Variant Dave Kendall Subscription Cover
    Dead Inside #4

    Deadpool vs Punisher #1 Cover F Regular Declan Shalvey Cover Signed By Fred Van Lente (Limit 1 Per Customer) @ Midtown

    Death Be Damned #2
    Eclipse #5
    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #3 Cover C Cris Delara
    Horizon #9
    I Hate Fairyland #11 Cover B Variant Skottie Young F*ck Fairyland Cover
    Imagine Agents #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Khary Randolph Cover Found one!
    Jeff Steinberg Champion Of Earth #6
    Kill Or Be Killed #7
    Mighty Thor Vol 2 #17
    Monsters Unleashed #5 Cover B Variant Superlog Cover
    Namwolf #1 Cover A Regular Logan Faerber Cover NEXT WEEK
    Powerpuff Girls #24
    Red Sonja Vol 7 #3 Cover E Variant Mel Rubi Subscription Cover
    Rift #4 NEXT WEEK
    Secret Empire Previews Spotlight – FREE – Limit 1 Per Customer
    Smoketown #2 NEXT WEEK
    Spider-Man Vol 2 #14 (Sitting In A Tree Part 5)
    Super Sons #2 Cover B Variant Dustin Nguyen Cover
    Superman Vol 5 #19 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover (Superman Reborn Part 3)
    Trinity Vol 2 #7 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover
    Vampirella Vol 7 #1 Cover C Variant Joseph Michael Linsner Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #5 Cover A Regular Gerardo Sandoval Cover
    Wild Storm #2 Cover A Regular Jon Davis-Hunt Cover
    Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 Cover D Regular Jim Lee Cover Signed By Gail Simone (Limit 1)
    World Of Krypton Vol 2 #1
    World Of Krypton Vol 2 #2
    World Of Krypton Vol 2 #3
    World Of Krypton Vol 2 #4
    Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #33 Cover A Regular Dan Mendoza Cover

    Big Trouble in Little China Escape From New York (2016) 4B
    Book of Ants (1998) 1
    Critical Hit (2014 Black Mask) 3
    Critical Hit (2014 Black Mask) 4
    IvX (2016 Marvel) Inhumans vs. X-Men 6B
    Nancy in Hell (2010 Image) 1 Old El Torres series
    Nancy in Hell (2010 Image) 2
    Nancy in Hell (2010 Image) 3
    Nancy in Hell (2010 Image) 4
    Public Relations (2015 Devil’s Due) 13
    Suicide Squad (2016) 13B
    Tales from the Crypt (2016 Super Genius) 2
    Thousand Deaths of Baron Von Donut (2004) 1
    Victims (1988) 3
    Winterworld (1984) 1


    • agentpoyo says:

      If I ever become poor I’m gonna ask that you adopt me….. You have money and tons of reading entertainment 😉

  24. Eric R says:

    Great week for new comics and books to flip!

    New books:
    Redneck #1 X 4 copies with 2 already sold for $10.99 each
    Plastic #1 (Cover A and B)-just read it and very cool concept and story
    Steve Rogers Captain America #15 Dell Otto variant (starting to sell on Ebay for $10-$16 each)
    God Country #4 Cover A

    Books to Flip:
    Ultimate X #1 $2.25
    Ultimate X #1 Sabretooth cover $6
    Action #976 Gary Frank for cover X 2

    Books for PC:
    Dark Knight Hardcover (1986) Signed and Numbered by Frank Miller. Have wanted one of these since they came out when I was in high school and finally pulled the trigger.
    Grendel War Child Signed and Numbered by Matt Wagner. One of my favorite Grendel stories and limited to only 1000!

    Good hunting everyone.

    • JayClue says:

      The Cap’n America #15 isn’t a variant. It’s the regular cover.

    • Anthony says:

      I need to restock the Action Comics 976. They have been an ok seller for me. I have been selling X-Men gold at $11.99 (thanks Drunk Wooky) the past couple of days too.

      Sent from my iPhone


  25. Eric R says:

    JayClue thanks for the information on the Cap #15. Is this really hot because of the cover art or storyline? Does this lead into Secret Empire? I normally don’t read Marvel except for Star Wars.

    By the way, got my Star Wars Rogue One Krennic action figure variant in the mail this week. Thanks so much for the information CHU! Looks awesome and I definitely would have missed out without the tip.

    • JayClue says:

      A little mix of both I think. Tony ran the spoiler for that issue here on CHU. Red Skull falls to his death in the issue while fighting Cap. There was some spec that with Red Skull Dead, Cap takes over as Red Skull and this would potentially bring the original old man Logan story into the Marvel timeline, as in the OML story, Red Skull is seen wearing captain Americas outfit. so….

  26. schweizerdavid says:

    Did anyone open their Sex Criminals 18 NSW to look at the cover? It is an homage to Akira, but all I can see is a naked Squirrel Girl. Finally got around to opening the bags for 16-18, The Staples cover is as good as all of her covers.

  27. Birdman says:

    My Wednesday pickups this week…I find it hard to get my comments in timely…

    All Star Batman B
    Aquaman B
    Batman Lenticular x3 + International x1
    Batwoman A
    Harley Quinn B
    Justice League A
    Nightwing B
    Super Sons A + B
    Superman A
    Trinity B
    Cap America
    Doc Strange
    Invincible Iron Man
    Monsters Unleashed (RB Silva variant)
    Moon Knight
    Nick Fury (Greg Land variant x2)
    Royals (Adi Granov variant)
    Poe Dameron
    Black Hammer
    Curse Words B
    God Country A + B
    Plastic A
    Redneck x 4
    World Reader (Elizabeth Torque variant x2)

    – My regular LCS only got one of the Ms. Marvel Resurrxion variants and it was already set aside for another customer. My alternate LCS got none. Neither store got the U.S. Avengers Resurrxion variant.
    – I don’t think either store ordered sufficient copies of the Batman lenticular cover…it appeared to be on the verge of selling out. I questioned my reg. LCS why they ordered so many copies of Secret Empire (2 large stacks) and so few Batman (less than 10 when I left)…they blamed it on the earlier ordering date DC required for the lenticular cover…didn’t make sense to me…missed opportunity for them.
    – I also think both stores underordered Redneck…sure to be a Wed. sell-out for them.
    – My regular LCS expected Venom to sell-out as well even though there were a decent amount of copies.
    – My 10 year old son loves Superman and Super Sons…they have really helped get him interested in the comic world…nice to be able to share that with him…maybe Teen Titans next.
    – I took a chance on buying World Reader…nice variant cover…hopefully the story is good.

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