Spawn Month Variants up for Pre-order

I know many people had asked about the Spawn Month Variants going up for pre-order, especially the Seven to Eternity variant we mentioned back on 4/14/17 and 4/21/17 (we mentioned the black and white variants a full 13 days before BC had their stand alone story.) Needless to say, here are the ones available for pre-order, including the Color and Black and White Seven to Eternity.

Still waiting for several more. Reneto Jones Season 2 #1 is sold out at TFAW in both Color and Black and White.

Black Cloud #2 Color Variant      Black Cloud #2 B&W Variant

Deadly Class #28 Color                     Deadly Class #28 B&W Variant

Few #5 Color Variant                              Few #5 B&W Variant

Girl Scouts Magic Socks #1 Color Variant   Girl Scouts Magic Socks #1 B&W Variant

Horizon #11 Color Variant               Horizon #11 Color Variant

Old Guard #4 Color Variant          Old Guard #4 B&W Variant

Plastic #1 Color Variant                       Plastic #1 B&W Variant
REGRESSION #1 Color Variant    REGRESSION #1 B&W Variant

Rose #2 Color Variant                         Rose #2 B&W Variant

Seven to Eternity #6 Color              Seven to Eternity #6 B&W

Magdalena #3 Color Variant


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2 Responses to Spawn Month Variants up for Pre-order

  1. Jesus says:

    I see a lot of these that are going into my PC.

  2. A. King says:

    Thanks, just pre-ordered a couple of these.

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