Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 49

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you everyone for reading this each and every week. thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice,love, and support. Having CHU is a blessing and as a result so blessed to have you all in my life. (Anthony happy birthday I hope you got some cake and cool gifts). Thank you so much for allowing me to play in your awesome and amazing sandbox.

Before we make some money with comics, I would like to offer a few thoughts on a few things. Batman #21 was one of the best DC comics in some time. Just amazing, hope the rest of the button is just as great. I am very interested to see what a DC streaming service is going to look like. I am hoping one source for everything DC kind of like the WWE Network. Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome movie and that’s all I can say. Volume 2 is going to be just as great as Volume 1 and if say anymore it may be spoiled. Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that, testify.

1. FOOM Magazine #15 – FOOM Magazines are #awesomesauce. They are under rated and under valued. There are some have key first appearances, prototypes, and previews with some great covers. Take this Howard the Duck cover for #15 Howard the Duck had that cameo in Guardians of the galaxy and his series is so much fun. Why did Marvel f-it up? This is a steal at $20 and up

2. Spectacular Spider-man #225 – The Green Goblin is #awesomesauce. This is the first appearance of Phil Urich nephew of Daily Bugle writer Ben Urich. Phil is the 4th Green Goblin who had his own solo series. It was a fun read. He later became the Hobgoblin. This is a cheap Spider-man villain first appearance and Phil can make a come back one day. $5 and up

3. Teen Titans #45 volume 1 – DC streaming service Teen Titans show live action was announced this week. Time to start buying all the keys and first apperances again as they cooled off a bit. This is the first Bumblebee and she is a blast in the current Titans series – $10 and up.

4. Superman #123 Regular Cover (1986 series) – with Superman Reborn being such a hit and with Superman in Rebirth being one of the best books DC puts out, and with the energy being red and blue, I wanted to mention this classic issue with the first new Superman suit. This is the regular cover. It also has a glow in the dark variant and a second print. The second print is tough to find for me, $1-5

5. Fight Man #1– Evan Dorkin’s early Marvel work. Just a fun read that is in dollar boxes. Evan Dorkin is a great creator, did you every read Milk and Cheese? nuff said

6. Secret Service #1-6 – has anyone seen the Kingsmen 2 Trailer? It is amazing. Mark Millar is a comic book and movie writing god, testify. He is one of my inspirations. But for a book that will have two movies under its belt, why are sets of all six issues so cheap $15-25 for a set w.t.f.??

7. Batman Gotham Adventures #2 – kids comic from the beloved animated series Riddler appearance, just good stuff $5 and up

8. Batman Gotham Adventures #11 & 12 – final issue in the series. Riddler is trying to learn how the Penguin became mayor. Similar to this season of Gotham. How can the citizens of Gotham elect the penguin as mayor? $5 and up

9. New Teen Titans #26 – I really loved Judas Contract. DC does animated right. Terra was voiced well. New live action show coming and I think the show will do Judas Contract so her first appearance is key and compared to #2 & 44 is very cheap at $10-25

10. Avengers the Children's Crusade #2 1 in 25 Scarlet Witch Variant –  that #3 Art Adams variant has blown up big time. It got me thinking of what other variants were in the set. Well this sexy Scarlet Witch variant came to mind, $20

11. Howard the Duck Topps trading card set – ok not a comic book, but I remember a time when non-sports cards were fun and all the rage. They had this weird tasting gum in them as well. Howard the Duck is not that bad of a movie, watched it last Thursday. The basic 77 card set is a lot of fun plus Lea Thompson is so hot in the movie

12. Green Lantern #87 (Volume 1) – first John Stewart. John Stewart is the
Green Lantern of an entire generation. JLA animated tv babies will remember him more than the other Lanterns. He must be in the live action movie coming in 2019. This entire run is seeing a nice price spike as is my next pick

13. Green Lantern #85#86 – once again this is a Green Arrow key. A piece of comic book history. The cover of #85 is on a shirt from Graphitti Designs and is a key moment in Speedy’s life. I hope either the live action  Arrow or this New Titans show will touch on Speedy being a junkie. Makes yo wonder if this Titans show be a part of the Arrowverse or not??

14. Lost Girls Graphic Novel – Alan Moore is a cry-baby there I said it. But Alan Moore is a great comic book writer I love his work. I really like the Lost Girls Graphic Novel. The first appearance of the Lost Girls, is in Taboo #5.

15. Mondo #1 – Remember when Peter Panzerfaust,  the Peter Pan that fought Nazis was a big thing?  Remember when it went for triple digits? Well, this is the first preview and appearance of the good old Nazi fighting Peter Pan and it has fallen in price below $20

16. Spectacular Spiderman volume 1 #27 JC Penny variant – I am surprised on what variants before this new variant crazed market are out there. The JC Penny variants are just fun to collect. This reprints the first Frank Miller art on Daredevil and is a must for Frank Miller fans like myself $20

17. Veronica #202 second print  – Riverdale is amazing. One of the best comic book shows on TV. Kevin Keller is on the show, needs more screen time, and a better place on the show overall. However, his first appearance has this second print and it is a cheaper way to get Kevin’s first apprance

18. Superman #38 New 52 Flash 75th Anniversary variant – DC had some weird theme variant months in the New 52. With the Flash being a bonafide TV star, and  in the JLA movie, and being a heart throb, I am surprised these Flash 75th variants are so cheap $5-10

19. Danger Girl #1 European Variant – this very sexy J. Scott Campbell variant was put out by Magic Press Comics and was only up for grabs in Europe happy hunting

20. New Teen Titans #42 – 43 & Annual 3 – Judas Contract. Titans live action show, animated dvd, renewed interest to read and collect the classic story but compared to #44,  the other chapters are very, very cheap, $10 cheap

21. Harley Quinn Rebirth #4 cover B snag this why you can. Bill is on fire with his covers this one with Harley and Ivy is sexy and just says t-shirt and poster. OK I need to get this on a shirt any
sugestions on how to do it Mel V.?

well thank you guys for everything. thank you for reading this each and every week. have a blessed and amazing day and week and I hope to see you all at a convention soon
blind adam out


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  1. Jason Shaw says:

    Great pics! I think Teen Titans (first series) #46 is first Karen Beecher. Bumblebee appears in #48.

  2. Richard Sean says:

    It’s Anthony birthday? Say what. Happy birthday man!

    Also I wasn’t aware that the kingsmen was a comic book. Definitely have to pick up a set now.

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks. Actually the 24th. Adam’s posts take a little bit to edit since they are done by voice to text. Sometimes they take longer.

      Sent from my iPhone


    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, it was based off Millar’s Secret Service 6 issue run. They changed it up some in the movie from the book. I thought the comic was good until about issue 3 or 4.. seemed rushed and sloppy. The movie was better than the book in my opinion.

  3. Jesus says:

    Oh yeah I forgot Tony has the same B-Day as mine lol. Well sir Happy Late Birthday. Hope you had fun with the family. I took my boys to the arcades on my birthday and they had a blast. Cheers!!

  4. OC_Guy says:

    Some very nice picks! Awesome!…sauce!

  5. Louie says:

    Happy birthday Anthony! Great article Adam! Had no idea DC was doing it’s own streaming service

  6. TopherS says:

    Foom 15 is the first Ms Marvel too! Nice list as always!

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