New Comic Spec Review video for 5/3/17

Each week Terry Hoknes from and Anthony from, well, here, do a video chat where we talk about the new comics coming out for the following Wednesday and pick the ones we think are going to be winners. Here is this weeks video for books delivered on 5/3/17:


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8 Responses to New Comic Spec Review video for 5/3/17

  1. OC_Guy says:

    Thanks for the video!

    • umichjal says:

      Really like this site. Suggestion: Is there a way for you guys keep us updated on the hot artists/writers we should focus on?

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks for the kind words on the site it’s a lot of fun to do. You bring up a good point about focusing on writers and artists and I am definitely going to think of something

  2. zspencer says:

    Thanks for the enormous effort you fellas have been putting into these exceptional weekly videos!

  3. Vann says:

    Great stuff as usual—thank you gents!

  4. A. King says:

    Pestilence sounds great, I didn’t pre-order it so I’m going to have to try my luck on Wednesday. I saw the first episode of American Gods earlier today, I thought it was really good. I never read the book only the comic, but I am going to pick up the book on my next trip to Barnes and Noble.

  5. mcouden says:

    Got a few copies of Pestilence regular cover the day it was on pre-order. Looks to be sold out now. Just curious, what’s the thought on Namwolf so far? Seems it was hot off the shelves, but does it have legs based on this first issue? Good spec?

  6. Chris Meade says:

    I’ll be picking up Pestilence, Manifest Destiny, Walking Dead, Extremity #3, all of the Alterna #1’s, and one I haven’t seen anyone talking about, Ab Irato #1 from Lion Forge, it looks great.

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