Babyteeth #1 Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon’s Comics Cover Reveal

Babyteeth #1 is sure to be a hit, considering how hot Donny Cates books have been (and if you haven’t pre-ordered you can grab the regular cover and Torque variant here for 20% off.) So it was a matter of time before we saw a sweet exclusive. This one will be available at Frankie’s Comics and Sad Lemon Comics soon.

The final info has not been revealed on it yet, but I was sent the two cover images . Pretty sweet.  This one has a lot of buzz going in before the June release.  I will update when I have more info.



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4 Responses to Babyteeth #1 Frankie’s Comics / Sad Lemon’s Comics Cover Reveal

  1. Stephen says:

    Cover is gorgeous. I will be all over this. The first issue of Redneck is great, and I’ve enjoyed God Country, so I’m willing to bet that this next story from Donny Cates will also be something I’ll like. Great cover here, and the gents selling it seem to work hard to make their customers happy.

  2. Kirk Lange says:

    Love these covers, can’t wait to order when available!

  3. Doom says:

    Yup, Mike Rooth lenticular cover

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