Venom #150 The Comic Mint Variant Special Offer

I got a pretty sweet deal on some cool and exclusive Venom #150 covers I am offering up to the “insiders” on the site (that means everyone.) Read on for details.

Venom #150 is out on May 24th. I have a special Promotion from The Comic Mint on their Exclusive Cover.  They were offering these up on The Comic Mint Site for $14.95 for the Color Splash Variant, and sold out. These copies of the Gerardo Sandoval variants feature a print run of 3,000 color splash copies. (With the print run on the regular version being so big these could end up being rarer than many of the ratio variants.)  I will have 32 copies of the stand alone Color Splash to offer up to CHU readers. These will be first come first served, and will ship the week after 5/24/17, as I will be getting them in and shipping them out.

The regular issue for Venom #150 is $6. I am offering the stand alone Color Splash for $7 plus shipping ($10.99). Email me at to reserve your set. These are priced so they won’t break the bank for your collection and there is “meat on the bone” for flipping.


32 color splash only remaining


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14 Responses to Venom #150 The Comic Mint Variant Special Offer

  1. Josh M says:

    I’m in for the set

  2. Joe Fote says:

    I am in for a set too.

  3. Joey Dragon says:

    any available my friend? I’m in for 3 sets…

  4. John Lam says:

    Hi Anthony, can I order 1 set?

    John Lam

  5. Elvi says:

    I’d be down for a set if you have any left!

    • Anthony says:

      The sets are all gone. However I still have the color splash ones at a cheap price ($1 over cover, helps pay for shipping of all the books to me, and bag and board)

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  6. Stephen says:

    Cover looks so cool with the color splash. Awesome deal you allowed your visitors to get. Should be able to move these for some profit.

  7. John McCormick says:

    can i get one?

  8. JayClue says:

    I just noticed that X-23s arm is mixed into the cover in the bottom left. Hmmm. And whos arm is that on the right side of the cover?

  9. David Lee says:

    I would like the color splash

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