Batman #22 spoilers

Some of you may have hit your local comic shops already. But if you haven’t this week’s issue of Batman #22 is pretty good and continues the Button storyline. Spoilers ahead, the are covered by spoiler warnings, the text is not spoil protected, click on the images for the spoilers.

In today’s Batman #22, we get to see Thomas Waynes’ back story

Our Batman comes home with the Flash…

Batmen come face to face

And some explaining needs to be done.

Flash has a tread mill to fix (I have a working one he can buy)

Batmen Team Up…

A little blast from the past let’s Bruce know who Thomas really is.

Batman begs his dad…..

But it is time to go, will all of them make it out?

Some Fatherly advice.

And the end for a Batman….

Flash sums it up, there is nothing left to go back to, it is all gone.

And a surprise visitor, one who we thought was dead.

Batman explains how it is possible. (Man I hate time travel conundrums..)

Reverse Flash knows who is behind the scenes and….


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3 Responses to Batman #22 spoilers

  1. jeff says:

    just a thought. since you declare it’s a spoiler is there really a need to make each spoiler clickable? Why not just include the pictures in the post so we don’t need to click each one and leave the warning on the main page?

    • Anthony says:

      Because the spoilers go out on social media and it picks a different image at random. So when the beheading of King Ezekiel spoiler went out it splashed across my Facebook, g+, twitter accounts showing his severed head. People were pissed.

      • agentpoyo says:

        People should stay off the internet if they don’t want to get pissed.. that’s what the internet is for right? Getting pissed..

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