Poyo’s Picks for May 10th, 2017

Another week is upon us. If you missed out on FCBD, at the time of this writing, Midtown seems to still have a bunch available. So if you order weekly, throw in some extra free comics to your order.

With that said, let’s get on with the picks.

DC/Vertigo Pick

All-Star Batman #10 (DC) – A new villain. Could be a hit but I’d expect it to be a hit down the long beaten path. This is the type to buy, read, stash and just wait to see if the villain becomes more prominent in the Batman Universe. Batman is probably one of the few characters where is villains are just as popular as the heroes.

Marvel Pick

Star Wars Screaming Citadel #1 (Marvel) – Luke and Dr. Aphra team up in a new storyline. Sign me up anything Star Wars. These will be plentiful but like all Star Wars things.. give it time. These will be sought after years down the road since there are millions of Star Wars fans yet to be born yet.

Small Publisher Picks

Regression #1 is on everyone’s minds and radar. It’s being picked by everyone. It also seems to be pushed hard on marketing by Image. With Cullen Bunn writing, I’m sure it’s going to be good or has the potential. But long term, I think it will only hold up if a) It retains readers and b) ongoing on with a consistent release schedule.

A.D. After Death #3 hits stands after a hiatus (which could have ruined this book but that’s hard to do with Snyder and Lemire teamed up). This is my primary small publisher pick. This series was great and I expect nothing but greatness for a finale. This is that type of book that gets a media deal and makes it to our screens. #3 won’t be a flip or anything, just a great pick and read to finish the series off.

Indie Pick

Solar Flare #2 (Scout Comics) – This is just a great series. #2 will be a smaller print run and harder to find. Stock up.. I envision big things are gonna happen with this series. Stock up on this issue and #1 if you find them and hold.. seriously. Find the self published issues as well.

The one to watch.. is Mindbender #1 from Scout. It’s already sold out so could be a easy quick flip if you find them. Something tells me though this one won’t stay hot long. It stays hot if the writing and art are good and we get consistent issues.

That’s all I got this week.. What are you spec’ing on? What do you love? What do you hate? Anything you picking up just to read without the flipping and spec’ing? Tell us in the comments.


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