Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for 5/10/17

What up CHU? Mel V. back yet again with another round of variants. I’m still on my buying comics vacation, my wallet and I should be back in time for Moon Girl 19 for the personal collection though. We got some decent books this week let’s get into the getting into.

All-New Wolverine #20 Cover C Incentive Helen Chen Variant Cover – You already know the X-23 rules (buy buy buy) and it does not hurt when the variant looks BLOODY good. Selling for as high as $34.99, right now there are a few at about at about $29.99

Secret Warriors Vol 2 #1 Cover D Incentive Robbi Rodriguez Variant Cover (Secret Empire Tie-In) – Absolutely love this cover..the future ladies of Marvel being showcased with the Big Red one, my guy Devil Dino all while in a cool kick arse pose, hope this one does well I will be getting one for the pc. Only 1 up on ebay for $79.99, but at the time I write this they can still be found at Midtown comics

Weapon X Vol 3 #3 Cover B Incentive Dan Mora Variant Cover – Wolvie vs Sabertooth action cover could be a sleeper ..a few listed for $25 on ebay

Z Nation #2 Cover E Incentive Lucio Parrillo Virgin Cover – Don’t Sleep on these fantastic covers. Issue 1 had a great Mona Lisa and was selling well. Wasn’t that many out there and #2 could see the infamous print run drop making this one even more scarce. Only one overseas auction ..keep ya eye on this


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  1. Jay says:

    All star batman 10 variant by Sebastian shows the villain for the first time

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