Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 50

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for checking this out each week, as well as, the friendship, encouragement, advice, love and support.  Tony thank you for allowing me to play in this awesome and amazing sandbox.

Before we make some money on some comics, I wanted to say that Batman #22 was amazing. This week’s episodes of the Flash & Riverdale blew me away.

I just got accepted into a twenty week blindness skill training program. I am being taught how to walk with a cane, might get a dog in a few years. Also learning how to cook, how to read braille, and use adaptive computer stuff, as well as many other things that will help me become the comicpimp again. I am having my Batman Year One moment and loving it. So thank you all for the support during this time. After the twenty weeks I am going to get back in the game full time, setting up shop in New York City. Plans to be announced when I am done as it is going to be #awesomesauce and it will have Cosplayers in Harley and Ivy costumes, testify, now lets make money comics because you can’t teach that.

1. Life with Archie #21 Cheryl Blossom variant  –  Riverdale is #awesomesauce. Cheryl Blossom is one of the best parts of the show. This variant has concept art and is sexy and so is Miss Blossom, who needs cos-play love? $20-40

2. Betty and Veronica Archies Girls #322 Canadian variant – wow these Canadian price variants are tough and pricey. I didn’t know about this one with a earily Cheryl Blossom appearance. This is her second or third appearance. Happy hunting and watch Riverdale

3. Afterlife with Archie #1 NYCC variant – it is only a time until aspects of this popular Archie zombie comic make it into Riverdale. The producer and head dude of the show wrote the book and this is a rare NYCC variant happy hunting $100

4. Worlds Finest #2  New 52 series B&W sketch variant – Power Girl variants are making money. The Huntress was the bomb on Arrow and with enough cosplay love and the new Birds of Prey book being a decent read every two weeks. Even though the New 52 Huntress and Power Girl sucked. Thank you DC rebirth for killing this crap. However this variant is cheap and Power Girl variants will raise in value.

5. Amazing Spiderman Annual 18 – no real spec value, however Spiderman Homecoming is two months away. Amazing Spiderman sells no matter what, and this has the JJJ marriage. Also, it is written by Stan Lee with art by Ron Frenz, so it is just cheap and cool and a great book to get Stan to sign $5 and up

6. Amazing Heroes #60 – still need to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Rocket is the bomb this has an #awesomesauce Rocket Raccoon cover, nuff said

7. The Savage She Hulk #25 – final issue of the original She Hulk series. Final issues are low printed, especially bronze age and copper age final issues of series. This she hulk didn’t do well until the mid 2000’s when Dan Slot wrote her, but this She Hulk final issue is cheap $10

8. She Hulk #43, 44, 45, 46 – Rocket Raccoon teams up with She Hulk, nuff said, happy hunting

9. Blue Beatle #8 Rebirth series – Jamie is in Ted’s armor. Still cover price but climbing. Jamie is hot and the animated world Young Justice Season is coming Jamie has a bright future. I need to catch up with this series $3-5

10. Batman #156 – after reading this week’s Nightwing, I wanted to snag Dr. Hurt books. Dr. Hurt is #awesomesauce. This is the infamous “Robin is Dead at Dawn” story which influenced the entire Grant Morrisson run on Batman and is the prototype of Dr. Hurt

11. The Barbie Twins Adventures #1 – Topps comics, back in the day during the Bad Girl craze, this was released. While, no real spec value, two playboy models that got a comic book makes this is a PC book or if found in a dollar box kind of book

12. Alleycat Preview Comic – remember that Alley Baggett Image comic book from the late 1990’s? First, whatever happened to Alley Baggett, she used to do the convention scene? Second, this series was all sexy covers and no real plot… but great phot0 covers. This is in dollar boxes and is fun to look at

13. Archie and Friends #1 mini promo comic – Riverdale has brought the Archie gang to a whole new audience. The girls are hot, hot, hot.  This is a mini comic and mini comics are tough to find in high grade $5-10

14. Spawn #2 – I will believe there is a new Spawn movie when I see it. However, just to be prepared, this is the first Violator and Clown, and the Clown was the best part of the 1997 Spawn movie. High print run second issue and can be found  between $2-5

15. Spawn #167 – 1st new clown. If you are having an affair with someones wife, don’t get caught and don’t allow the girl to put you in a garbage compacter or you become a pawn of the devil, who says you can’t learn life lessons from comic books. $5-10

16. DC Chess Collection Magazine #45 – These DC Chess Collection magazines are two great collectibles for the price of one. A nice magazine and a chess piece/statue. Power Girl is the pawn and these are underrated and undervalued.  $20 and up

17. Incredible Hulk #272 – Rocket Raccoon’s second comic book appearance $10

18. Where Monsters Dwell #6 – if you can’t find or afford Tales to Astonish #13, the first Groot, then this bronze age reprint of the that issue might do an I am Groot, I am Groot and even talking trees need money $20 and up

19. Spawn #14 – dollar box find, cool clown, and Violator half face image, cover price

20. Tomb Raider #50 –  final issue of the original Tomb Raider series. Adam Hughes cover and art and only $10, w.t.f. is that

21. What if Planet Hulk #1 – got to love the What If books. Planet Hulk is blowing up with Thor 3 dropping in November. This has a different take on the story and features the first appearance of Skaar, Bruce Banner’s son. How come baby Banner gets no love like x-23 and other legacy w.t.f.?? $10

22. Exiles #73 – tough to find Rocket Raccoon issue from a beloved series. Rocket Raccoon will be hot again. I want to give credit to my boy Topher for this one, as it was one of his checklists.
So until next week. thank you for everything and hope you enjoyed Free Comic Book Day and the Guardians of the Galaxy two
blind adam out


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  1. The Authority says:

    Always enjoy your picks. Some stuff I’m aware of before you put it out, most I’m not. Thanks for the info.

  2. Louie says:

    Great list Adam! Best of luck to you in your training program

  3. Richard Sean says:

    I appreciate your posts. Hope your training program goes well!

  4. Christopher Bas Basquit says:

    Just FYI, last link for Exiles takes you to What if Planet Hulk

  5. happy fiftieth anniversary

  6. Vann says:

    Another great gem list—thank you and good luck with your training!

  7. Dang, I didn’t know Hulk#272 had cooled off so much. Now is the time to grab that one! Also curious about this new version of The Clown. I stopped reading Spawn shortly after Angela died in #100, and any time I have checked back in it hasnt hooked me.

    • Anthony says:

      Turns out she didn’t die either but was magically transported to the Marvel U. where she an languish and die I guess

  8. Thanks for the report Adam, always cool to read your thoughts on the various comics..also best of luck with your training!

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