Razor Film Gets Green lit

Tent-pole filmmaker Rob Cohen will direct RAZOR and wrote the screenplay based on the bestselling comic book franchise “Razor,” Cohen is partnering with THE CROW producer, Jeff Most of Most Films, to produce the film. Number 11 Films is fully financing and handling worldwide sales on RAZOR as the first film under a new sales and financing partnership it has established with Lotus Entertainment. The companies will be introducing the project to buyers at the upcoming Marché du Film.

The character Razor first appears in Razor #1 (1992). There are few on eBay but there are copies on Amazon for $4.99, and then $10 and up. Blind Adam had this in his Hidden Gems Vol. 48 post back on April 18, 2017.

RAZOR is based on two of Everette Hartsoe’s comic book series, “Razor” and “Stryke”.
“Razor” defined a new genre in comics known as “Bad Girl” comics, and “Razor” remains one of the biggest bad girl comic book characters of all time with sales of over 6 million comic books sold worldwide. Cohen is best-known for creating and directing the debut films for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and XXX franchises. His career box office exceeds $1.4 billion. Inspired by his experience writing and developing RAZOR, Cohen has recently become a successful comic book creator with his critically praised comic book series “Red Dog”.

“I have loved RAZOR since its first publication. It has operatic themes, female empowerment, revenge, action, a love story, all shrouded in a delicious darkness that fits our time.” Rob Cohen In addition to sharing the same producer as THE CROW, there is a shared history between the“Razor” and “The Crow” characters, and the graphic novelists themselves. Everette Hartsoe and James O’Barr were inspired to create the comics, “Razor” and “The Crow”, respectively, due to the loss of someone dear to them. In James O’Barr’s case, it was the unsolved loss of his fiancé by a hit and run driver that lead to the creation of “The Crow”. With Everette Hartsoe, it was the tragic murder of his younger sister when Everette was 15 years old. To mourn his sister’s death, Everette created, “Razor”, a dangerous young woman who is impervious to pain. “Razor” and “The Crow” appeared in a series of crossover comics that lead to a shared universe and a #1 selling graphic novel, “The Crow/ Razor.” Other producers on RAZOR include Philip Lee (THE DARK KNIGHT; THE REVENANT), Jim Steele (THE ARRIVAL) and Sean Lydiard (OFFICE UPRISING).
Lotus Entertainment and Keith Wells’ Number 11 Films are setting up a sales and financing partnership to produce and finance 3-4 films annually. The partnership will look to finance and produce 3 to 4 films annually, with budgets in the $5M-$40M range.
Wells is a successful entrepreneur who has launched and exited businesses in several industries and has a strong network of relationships in the finance and investment communities.
“I’m excited to be announcing RAZOR as the debut project under this new venture with Lotus. I look forward to this being the first of many projects on which we collaborate in both film and television”, says Wells, the President and Founder of Number 11 Films.
“RAZOR is a fast paced, high concept action movie based on a very successful underlying IP and with a director who has proven himself in this genre time and again. We are pleased to be launching this new venture with Number 11 Films with RAZOR and look forward to working together on this and many other projects in the future” stated Jim Seibel co-chairman of Lotus Entertainment.


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11 Responses to Razor Film Gets Green lit

  1. Steve Garza says:

    Have always loved this book and thought if done well could be a great movie. One question though I looked up the set and saw they had a #0 issue that says it came out in Sept of 1992 and the #1 came out in October so shouldn’t #0 be the characters first appearance?

    • Anthony says:

      I am still holding out that 1 was. Depends on where you are getting your dates on when #0 was published. Comic vine had 1 as the first appearance as well.

  2. Steve Garza says:

    OK. Maybe so. I am at work now and will not be home until tomorrow morning. I have both of these issues and will check out the issue dates on the inside when I get home. I was getting my info from the CLZ Comics app.

  3. A. King says:

    I loved this series, hopefully the movie will be as violent as the comic.

  4. Louie says:

    Holy cow! I need to start digging through my 90s boxes lol

  5. Steven Garza says:

    Ok everyone I am home now and here is the scoop. I looked through my issue 0 and my issue 1 and 0 is definately the first appearance. I say this for two reasons. First when I looked at the issue 0 it said that it came out in March of 92 and the issue 1 came out in October of 92. So I am thinking maybe they just super delayed issue 0 It has happened before but then I turn to the back of issue 1 and they have a letter page where there are a bunch of people talking about how they read issue 0 and that it was great and to keep it up and all that good stuff. That means that issue 0 is the first appearance.
    One more minor thing. In the letter page for issue 1 it has a few questions that Everett Hartsoe answers and one of them is why when you look at the issue 0 it says Volume 2 issue 0. He explains that back in 1991 they put out a test run of razor that only has 300 issues to see how it would go and then they came out with 0 so I guess technically the black issue is the first appearance but it is such a small run that I am sure issue 0 will be counted as the first. Oh BTW if you want to see the razor test issue there are actually a few up on ebay right now. There is one slabbed and one raw issue and they are numbered out of 300 but the sellers want big bucks for them. Hope this helps everyone as they go out this weekend and look for these books.

  6. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce hope the movie is as great as the comic. it is lovley to see the badgirl make her comeback. now all we need is a new shi series.a nd from what billy tuchi told me that is around the connor blind adam out

  7. THB says:

    I had always heard Blood Reign # 7 was her first appearance but it was a pinup kind of thing……

    • Anthony says:

      First off, dig the name. I am a huge Paul Pope fan and THB is my favorite. I hadn’t heard the Blood Reign mention though.

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