The DrunkWooky Star Wars Report for May 2017

Hey, CHU!

DrunkWooky here after having sold almost his entire non-Star Wars comic collection. That’s right, all my keys, Hulk 181, Fantastic Four 48, 49, and 50, Amazing Spider-Man 252, 298, 299, 300, all gone to better homes in the name of Jedi-like zen minimalism of my collection.

But enough about me and my collection. On to what I know best–Star Wars!

Last week was May Fourth! The consummate Star Wars fan holiday began as a pithy play on words “May the Fourth be with You!” and quickly became co-opted by every t-shirt screen printer and local morning news show across the planet. I expected big Star Wars news, such as a new teaser trailer, to be released, however, the news was light.

ToyBoxOne already reported the Snokey invoice lists for forthcoming black series figures back on 5/8/17.

What did happen is that held a vote (hooray ACTUAL democracy) on which character would join the next 3.75″ scale Vintage Series Action Figure Line. To Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larocca, and John Tyler Christopher’s glee, Doctor Aphra was a candidate!

Bleeding Cool reported on the poll on 04/28/2017.

I attempted to get Gillen’s attention


Gillen was triumphant:


and JTC was pumped!:


Long-story-short, we get a Doctor Aphra in 3.75″ plastic!

In other news that is now old, but developing, Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli will be bringing us Marvel’s second Darth Vader series on June 07, 2017. Ogle the awesome variants that have come out of the wood-work recently (along with a short preview)

Regular Cheung Cover                                                 Granov Variant


Movie Variant                                            JTC Action Figure Variant

                                            And an Awesome Noto Variant!
As you can see, we pick up with ole’ dark, quiet, and wheezy during his moody quarter-life crisis period.



Looks, impressive, most impressive.

Until, later, stay rebellious, Star Dust!


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6 Responses to The DrunkWooky Star Wars Report for May 2017

  1. JayClue says:

    I cant wait to see what the Aphra action figure will look like. Looks like Doctor Aphra is well on her way to stardom!

  2. John. F. says:

    Good lookin’ out, Sir! Gotta have that Granov AND Noto cover!

  3. Jesus says:

    I would of loved to buy your ASM 300 if it was a 9.6 or better lol.

    • Anthony says:

      NM for Wookies is very different for NM for humans. Patches of fur stuck the the cover is allowed for wookies.

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