Jim Zub’s Wayward optioned for TV show

We mentioned this a while back on 11/22/15 to much consternation of comments on the site, but wayward has been optioned for a television series according to creator Jim Zub. 

Copies of Wayward #1 started to fly off the shelf today. They are still cheap copies out there. I am pretty sure there was an earlier appearance, possibly the Japanese Manga Variant but will need to research more.

Jim Zub tweeted this out about 2 hours ago.

And the full press release:

WAYWARD Comic Series Optioned for TV by Manga Entertainment UK Ltd.

Writer Jim Zub and illustrator Steven Cummings’ WAYWARD, an ongoing comic series published by Image Comics, has been optioned by UK-based Manga Entertainment for development in television as a Japanese animated or live action series. Zub and Cummings will act as creative consultants on the project, including development of the initial story treatment along with character and creature designs.
WAYWARD is an action-drama set in modern Tokyo where Yokai, Japanese creatures and spirits of legend, battle against teenagers imbued with newfound supernatural power. The series launched to critical acclaim in August 2014 and is currently available in monthly comic format and four collected trade paperbacks, with a new deluxe hardcover collection arriving in July. WAYWARD’s first volume, ‘String Theory’, made the Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2016 List of ‘Great Graphic Novels for Teens’ and has been favorably reviewed by many outlets, including Kirkus.
Zub is a Harvey and Shuster Award-nominated comic writer (AVENGERS, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, SAMURAI JACK, FIGMENT). His other creator-owned titles, GLITTERBOMB and SKULLKICKERS, are also published by Image Comics, the third largest comic publisher in North America and publisher of The Walking Dead.
Cummings is an American comic book artist based in Japan (DEADSHOT, LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, STREET FIGHTER, FORAGER).
Jerome Mazandarani, COO of Manga Entertainment, said, “We are very excited to be working with Jim and Steven to bring the characters and world of Wayward to life for the screen. Jim and Steven have managed to create a truly unique high stakes action-drama that feels fresh and authentic in its mixture of Japanese and Celtic mythology. We are very confident this story will connect with audiences across Asia and the rest of the world.”
Zub said, “As soon as Jerome and I started talking about a collaboration, I had a good feeling Manga Entertainment would be the right place to develop Wayward. The crew at Manga intimately understand the anime market and have helped popularize some of the biggest brands in that space. As Japanese art and animation continues to go global, co-producing Wayward at a Japanese studio with Manga taking the lead is a natural choice.”
Founded in 1987, Manga Entertainment began as a producer, licensor and distributor of Japanese animation in the United Kingdom, quickly earning its reputation as the UK’s largest anime distributor with revered anime brands including GHOST IN THE SHELL, DRAGON BALL Z, NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BLEACH and DEATH NOTE. Headquartered in London, Manga Entertainment continues to specialize in the licensing, marketing and distribution of Japanese animation and other beloved new/classic pop culture franchises like HALO, TRANSFORMERS, POKEMON and YU-GI-OH!


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7 Responses to Jim Zub’s Wayward optioned for TV show

  1. Fredy Gallegos says:

    Just a heads up, Fan Expo still has their “limited” variant up for sell.

  2. Brennan says:

    Lol consternation….like when you can’t poop??

    Is Kyle even still around or was he a one and done guy?

    • Anthony says:

      That’s constipation. Yes more of a drive-by commentator than a regular

      • agentpoyo says:

        Some calls those trolls…. Especially when it’s just to cause a stir….

        I’m gonna still keep to my original wo d though on this one…. I’ll pass… Good luck to you all flipping these.

  3. A. King says:

    I have about 3 or 4 series that I get every issue of, and just put in a longbox for spec’. This is one of them. I was thinking about not getting this after the next arc, but I think I will wait a little bit longer.

    • Anthony says:

      The later issues will really not matter too much unless they start adding new characters to the series and they end up on the show.

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