Mindbender #1 Sells Out at Diamond and Goes to Second Printing 

SCOUT COMICS AND ENTERTAINMENT announces that Mindbender #1 by James Pruett and Federico De Luca, a reality-bending series blending elements of sci-fi and psychological thrillers, sold out of its print run of the first issue on its day of release and has back to a second printing.

I mentioned this had sold out the other day in the New Comic Spec Review video. The second printing features a recolored version of the Phil Hester Variant

Not bad for a book with an A and B cover,  a 1:10 variant (print run of about 200 copies), and one store variant limited to 250 copies.

Perfect for fans of Inception, Unbreakable, Legion and the OA, Mindbender is a thought-provoking journey through the realms of reality and madness exploring the potential power lying dormant in the human mind and the barriers that separate our world from the worlds between worlds both mentally and dimensionally.

Please use Diamond code MAR178791 to order Mindbender #1 2nd printing coming to stores by the end of June 2017.

“We were blown away by the enormous response we received for Mindbender #1. I was at a store signing on the release day and the store employees were telling me that they had already heard that it was sold out at the distributor level and that there were already rumors of having to go to a 3rd printing, which was a little premature, since I had yet to set the print run for the 2nd printing. But it is exciting to hear about the demand,” said Scout Publisher and Mindbender writer James Pruett.

“The previous weekend before the release of Mindbender #1 we were experiencing enormous demand through our Scout website and thought we might have a good chance to eventually sell through the print run, but never imagined selling out on the first day of release. It’s a great honor and I’m very appreciative of everyone that helped this happened.”



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