Is this a Tribute? Zombie Tramp #35

Carrie Fisher passed away earlier this year. There was a lot of tributes to her in many different forms, including comic books. The latest one pushes the line of good taste.

The cover of Zombie Tramp #35 features several covers, as it usually does. One leaves me scratching my head.

One cover is a topless Zombie Tramp holding the severed head of what looks like Princess Leia, while the slightly more tasteful version features a covered version. Both are sitting in the grave of “Kerrie Fisher”, probably misspelled on purpose.

Controversy does sell books though. Midtown is sold out of the covered copy but have one left of the risqué cover. One seller has sold 21 copies of the variant.

This could be one of the infamous covers that lingers for a long time.


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25 Responses to Is this a Tribute? Zombie Tramp #35

  1. agentpoyo says:

    Too soon.. the dirt is still too fresh on the grave.. I’ll pass. I don’t like people profiting off the death of others when it’s tasteless like this.

  2. David Bitterbaum says:

    I just…I…what?

  3. she probably would have gotten a kick out of it tho

    • melthemovieguy says:

      your the second person to say this,heard she had a good sense of humor

    • Anthony says:

      Alive she probably would have gotten a kick out of it. But the fact that her name is spelled wrong (purposefully or out of stupidity) coupled with the severed head makes it seem a little morose.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, I kind of agree. I think the severed head is a bit too much. If it was just her grave.. it’d be an entirely different conversation for me.

      • JayClue says:

        I just read an article on Carrie Fisher and her notorious sense of humour. Her humour could be quite morbid itself at times. She would have liked this. i think I will get one for my PC as a tribute to Carries own morbid sense of humour.

    • JayClue says:

      I truly believe Carrie would absolutely love this cover and posthumous tribute. She had a wicked sense of humour. I can totally see how it can been seen as offensive, but I still think Carrie would have enjoyed this. I would be curious if the publishers contacted her family before printing this to get their blessing or not. Her fam knew of Carries sense of humour and I also think they would be okay with this. Miss Fisher had a notoriously offbeat, wicked sense of humour.

  4. Steve Boyles says:

    Poor taste. I wouldn’t of bought this particular title anyway, but will definitely make me think twice about buying something from them. Most things don’t really bother me too much, but the lady just died and they’re going to profit off of her image

  5. Z. Spencer says:

    I’m in! I get the feeling she would have had a laugh at it.

  6. Ric Lancaster says:

    Yeah, its easy to pooh pooh it but she was fairly warped herself, Bless her cotton gusset ! Im getting one !

  7. It’s a blatant cry for controversy and increase of sales. No rhyme or reason to include Kerri Fischer…it’s not May 4th and there is no Star Wars films coming out. Just exploitative and distasteful marketing. Carrie Fisher was had a great sense of humor. However this isn’t funny at all. I don’t see any humor at all. Just absurd.

  8. James Falconer says:

    I think the best word for this is … tacky

    • Anthony says:

      My thing is I don’t know her personally so I can’t see what she would like or not like I just find it as you said tacky

    • Logan F says:

      Yea but it’s freaking Zombie Tramp….not exactly the most tactful title to begin with. Imagine if a “respectable” comic did this, true controversy/outrage would ensue.

  9. OC_Guy says:

    Well, bad taste is still part of free speech, so hooray for that I guess…Still don’t like it though. Even if there is money to be made on spec’n these, I will pass.

  10. Louie says:

    I get the point about her sense of humor, but I really don’t get this cover. Why the severed head? The misspelled name? Good humor (whether risqué or not) should be somewhat self evident,I just find it confusing. But to each their own!

  11. There is a possibility Carrie Fisher will appear within the book, not just the cover. A recent issue of Zombie Tramp had David Bowie, Prince, and one other recently-deceased celebrity, prominently featured as the zombie henchmen of a villain in the book; and it wasn’t just a cameo.
    Meanwhile, Zombie Tramp is on the verge of leaving my pull list. The story is weak and wandering aimlessly again. I almost dropped it at #20, but then 20-25 actually got interesting again. Now we are back to 10 issues of a Janey/Xula road-trip. This is definitely a situation where I see the spin-off outliving the original, if people have actually given that a chance. Vampblade is a much better read. It appeals to comic book geeks, and actually has character development, plot twists, and direction. If not for the nudity and penis-aliens, it could read like a mainstream comic, lol.

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