A Look Ahead to Late July: Small Press Publishers

In comic speculation, you have to stay on your toes, not only looking at what is hot now, but what coming out could be hot. Here is a look ahead at what books we are keeping our eye on:

John Carpenter Tales Of Sci Fi Vault #1
John Carpenter, Andres Esparza, Nick Percival
Publisher: Squishable.com, Inc.
Pub. Date: July 26, 2017

The first story of John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction. When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull written in English: ‘Vault.’

Why We Like It: While John Carpenter books haven’t been super hot, Carpenter is one of the biggest named in horror. Worth a look as a reader.

Robotech #1
Brian Wood, Marco Turini, Stanley Lau
Publisher: Titan Comics
Pub. Date: July 26, 2017

Harmony Gold’s cult ’80s television series Robotech returns or all-new adventures! Comic written by Brian Wood (DMZ, Briggs Land, Northlanders) and illustrated by Marco turini! TV episodes now available on Crackle, Amazon Prime & Netflix! Live-action film being developed by Sony Pictures! Comic features classic characters Rick, Lisa, Minmei, Roy, Claudia, and Gloval! New comic series will delight original fans and newcomers alike! With annual conventions, over 200,000 fans on Facebook, New toys and merchandise, Robotech fans are passionate supporters of this amazing cult franchise!

Why We Like It: Sure, this has been floating around for a while. But quality Artgerm cover, on a beloved 80’s series. Cannot wait for October to get a copy of two signed.

Train 8 Zombie Express #1
Brian Phillipson, Alex Cormack
Publisher: Bliss On Tap
Pub. Date: July 26, 2017

Train 8, the famous Seattle to Chicago line, becomes ground zero as an experimental GMO virus breaks out on the crowded train during the Thanksgiving holiday, turning any infected passenger into a blood thirsty primordial. The surviving passengers are then left with the moral dilemma of stopping the train to save themselves but also letting the outbreak infect the world or being heroes by keeping the train rolling and suffering the consequences. A 3-comic mini-series based on the forthcoming major motion picture.

Why We Like It: Similar in feel to the awesome Korean Zombie film Train to Busan, could be a remake for American audience. Movie tie in, very small press company. Could be interesting.

Alien Bounty Hunter #1
Adrian Wassel, Nick Robles
Publisher: Vault Comics
Pub. Date: July 19, 2017

Ben Madsen is a bounty hunter from Arcadia. Yeah, he knows how that sounds, but the job has its perks. He’s got time to take care of his aunt, a community that loves him, and the transition from USMS made sense. Following a newsworthy takedown, Madsen is offered a bail he can’t ignore. It’s attached to a ridiculously dangerous-sounding fugitive, but aren’t they always? Unfortunately for Madsen, his mark is not from Arcadia, and the city he’ll be tracking him through… well, nobody knows it exists. Penned by award-winning writer Adrian Wassel (The Gifted) & David M. Booher (Powerless) with art by Nick Robles (Clockwork Angels), Vault Comics brings you an original sci-fi franchise, produced by Mark Wahlberg and created by Stephen Levinson.

Why We Like It: Vault has been putting out some quality books, Heathen for example. That doesn’t guarantee heat of course, but Mark Wahlberg is producing this which could mean he is developing it as a vehicle for a movie.

Centipede #1 Classic Atari Box Art Cover
Max Bemis, Eoin Marron, Photo
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Pub. Date: July 12, 2017

Based on the classic Atari game! When a terrifying creature from beyond the stars attacks his planet, Dale’s journey begins. But he is not out to save his world. It is already too late for that. As the lone survivor, the only thing he wants is revenge! Writer Max Bemis (Worst X-Man Ever, Foolkiller) and artist Eoin Marron (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) bring you a tale of survival and vengeance like you’ve never seen before.

Why We Like It: This one may leave you scratching your head. However, kids of the 80’s love Atari and love Atari box art. With that, if they can tell a compelling story this could be interesting.

Unholy Grail #1
Cullen Bunn, Mirko Colak
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Pub. Date: July 05, 2017

Arthur Pendragon was the king of all Britain. His story is legendary. Merlin. The Lady of the Lake. Excalibur. Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table. But these stories are bright lies painted over the truth. Here is presented the gospel of Arthur’s bloody rise to power and his unholy reign. The legend of King Arthur is not the stuff of legends, but the fuel of nightmares. As Arthur descends into darkness, is there any lingering hope that he still might do something good? From writer Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool) and artist Mirko Colak (Punisher) comes a Lovecraftian take on the Arthurian legend that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

Why We Like It: Arthurian legend in a over-the-top violent way. All that with Cullen Bunn writing. Burn has a habit of being optioned.

Winnebago Graveyard #1
Steve Niles, Alison Sampson
Publisher: Image Comics
Pub. Date: June 14, 2017

SERIES PREMIERE An American family traveling on vacation finds themselves stranded in a small town with a sinister secret.

Why We Like It: I had a chance to read the first issue and it is good. Demonic cult using sacrifice to bring back their leader. Steve Niles is one of the biggest names in horror comics.

Blood Brothers #1
Fabian Rangel, Javier Caba
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Pub. Date: June 28, 2017

Diego and Gabriel Soliz are two unusual brothers just trying to do their job in an even more unusual city. What’s their job? They’re detectives in a city populated by creatures from mythology and fantasy. When an Aztec skull is stolen from the museum, the BLOOD BROTHERS are assigned to the case!

Why We Like It: Fabian Rangel has been putting out some great books. Space Riders, Namwolf, and now Blood Brothers. Of course this is from Dynamite so it will be more of a reader.


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  1. JohnF. says:

    I’ll take check out the #1’s for all of ’em except the Centipede and the Wahlberg one. Thanks for the heads up! Most excited by Robotech and The Unholy Grail one! Good lookin’ out, as per usual!

  2. John F. says:

    Definitely dig that Francavilla cover, thanks!

  3. A. King says:

    Train 8 seems good. If you guys have not seen Train to Busan, it is a great movie.

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