Spoilers: Venom #150

Venom #150 is out in stores tomorrow and features the return of Eddie Brock in the symbiote that made him famous. Here is a look at what is under the cover of the issue.

Spoiler images are obscured, click the spoiler graphic to see the panels/pages. the accompanying text is not spoiler protected. Read on at your own caution.

First off we get two great stories. The main story deals with Brock back in the suit and trying to be a hero. The symbiote has other plans.

Venom foils a robbery, the results are an disagreement with the symbiote on what the future holds for them….

Brock heads back to the church where he discovered the suit and has a heart to heart with a priest.

Venom gets into a fight with Scorpion, who once was bonded to the symbiote and was ready for Brock.

The symbiote drags Eddie back to the church and keeps him safe, from anyone…

The new status quo for Venom seems to be no more hero.


The second story bridges the gap between the Venom Space Knight run and the relaunched #1 (2017). If you wondered how the suit got from Flash Thompson to the previous ‘new’ Venom, here you go.

Agent Venom (Space Knight) was being followed and he knew it, so he laid out the trap..

Needless to say, the fight left him a little, Hulk-ing…


The assailant was ready for him…

The Venom Symbiote was left hurting

and confused…

Flash tried to locate it….

Which leads us up to Venom #1 (2017)

Gap bridged… I am hoping we see some interaction between Brock and Flash.



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