New Sold Out Comics: Redneck, Plastic, Solar Flare

Here are this weeks recent sell outs at the distributor level. Remember, just because they are not available at the distributor level doesn’t mean you will not be able to find them on you local comic shop’s shelves, it means that once they are gone, the shops will not be able to order additional first print copies. 

Solar Flare #2 – Scout’s recent series, and formerly self-published book, has sold out two issues in a row. This one had a print run of about 1,800 copies (actual and not just sales through Diamond) and could be hard to find in shops. A second printing is coming.

Redneck #1 2nd Print and Redneck #2 – Donny Cates new series sold out both the reprint of #1 with a new cover and issue 2. Both are going back for reprints, 3rd print #1 and 2nd print #2, respectively.

#1 3rd print features a re-colored version of the 2nd print while #2 2nd print features a new cover.

Plastic #2 by Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard has sold out and is going back for a second print. Plastic #2 second print also features a new cover.


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8 Responses to New Sold Out Comics: Redneck, Plastic, Solar Flare

  1. Kevin Verdine says:

    First glance Plastic looks like Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead.

  2. Tim says:

    It’s good these comics going for second print. Retailers don’t know how many to order the first time around. Publishers are happy to get more readers on board! Some of the best reads, people just don’t know about!!

  3. A. King says:

    Great news for Solar Flare, you don’t usually see Scout titles going to later printings. I also pre-ordered a couple of those Redneck.

  4. Jeremy Abbott says:

    I’m digging Solar Flare and
    Redneck. Any Solar Flare fan has already read the first 6 books and knows how good the story is. I can’t wait for issue 7! I picked up Plastic but haven’t read it yet. Looks like it’s time to crack it open.

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