Peter Parker #1 Todd Nauck NY Collector Cave Exclusive

Venomized variants have been all the rage lately, we have seen a ton of characters being “vemomized.” this new Peter Parker #1 from NY Collector Cave that turns the trend on it’s head. Very cool design by Todd Nauck.

Featuring Peter Parker in the famous hanging upside down kiss pose, Peter gives Mary Jane a bit of a surprise.

These go up for pre-sale this Saturday 5/27 at 12pm on NY Collector Cave. These come in  3 different versions. A color version, a sketch, and a virgin 3 pack.


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7 Responses to Peter Parker #1 Todd Nauck NY Collector Cave Exclusive

  1. Alana says:

    Venom variants kinda aren’t that cool anymore when 500 of them come out every month. Wonder what gimmick comes next to buy exclusive variants once they done run Venom covers into the ground? If I’m to buy another cover because of Venom it better be a venomized Batman or Superman instead just another Venom marvel cover.

    • Anthony says:

      I like this one. When I saw it I really appreciated it was Peter Parker in Venom, not to mention it is not an unreleased character venomized. With Edge of Venomverse coming out, Venom is all the rage. We will be doing a give away on these, again, I really like them.

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  2. Chris says:


  3. NotJon says:

    I dig the black and white, but the color version has, to my eyes, Penom looking almost green.

  4. Tim says:


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