Free Comic Sunday: Lady Death #0 Nightrider Edition Signed by Brian Pulido

Louie M. is out in Arizona covering the Phoenix Comicon for CHU. Full write up to follow, including the craziness that was a fully armed guy out to shoot the Green Ranger. In the meantime, he has a giveaway for us.

Hey CHU! Doing an awesome giveaway to celebrate Phoenix Comicon and give some love to my favorite booth – Lady Death. Special thanks to Brian Pulido and Coffin Comics for the generosity.

Up for grabs is Lady Death Nightrider edition (cover by Michael DiPascale), serially numbered at 69/99 and signed by creator Brian Pulido. This also includes a Lady Death Metallicard (also signed) and some stickers.

If you haven’t participated in a Coffin Comics Kickstarter before, they are wildly successful and the stretch goals are awesome. La Muerta Vengeance Kickstarter will go live on June 14th. Additionally, Coffin Comics will be running their own con in Mesa, AZ in mid-October titled the “Fiend Festival”. Check them out at


Rules are the same as always:

  1. Enter Your Name Below.
  2. One entry per person, duplicates will be deleted.
  3. Your entry may not be instantly visible, especially if this is your first time commenting not the site, but give it time, they will be counted.
  4. Books Ship free in the US straight from Louie for free, foreign winners will be shipped to Anthony and you will need to chip in for shipping.
  5. Drawing results will be posted on the site and winner will have 48 hours to contact for shipping arrangements at an email provided.

That is it, Good luck CHU!!


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