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Hey CHU! Shawn B. here again. Just did some value adjustments for and came across a few popular books right now that I wanted to share with everyone. This won’t be a weekly post like the One Year Later one but if people like it, I will try and get one of these out every so often as I am doing value adjustments. I didn’t take the time to see which of these were specced here on CHU. Off the top of my head I think that most were. Besides Heathen #3, most of these have been out for a little while now and are still holding value and being sought after.

Poe Dameron #10 Princess Leia 40th Anniversary Variant – $33

Gamora #2 Mattina Variant $85
 (raw books as high as $113.50)

Heathen #3 Reg $9 and Variant $18

Harley Quinn #11b Cho Variant $8

Superman #10 Regular $12 and Variant $8

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 1:25 Variant $105

7 thoughts on “Recent Hot Books”

  1. Thanks, Sean. It’s always nice to get relevant market info. There is soooo much out there, and in such constant flux,I would think it’s impossible for one human to know the exact market value at the current time for all the books out there. I’m actually surprised that the Poe #10 40th is still holding that value.

  2. This maybe my fav subject. I like to see books that hold value. Seems like current comics are turning into baseball cards. Meaning you only have value for a week or two. Keep up the good work.

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