Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 52

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, love, and surport.
Just some random thoughts. Remember, Red Bull is the best drink ever made, and I am drinking it while writing this. That Gotham is an awesome show, loosely based on Batman. That Secret Empire makes no sense McDonalds needs to stop being so damn stingy with its nugget dipping sauces, come on, it is fifty nuggets and you expect one to two sauces to do the job, stop that already. Now, let’s make some with some comics because you can’t teach that.
1. Look Magazine April 4th, 1944 – If anyone can find this I am paying $100 for this. If you read these regularly, you know I am a big Mickey Mouse fan. But let me explain this, it has a story where Mickey Mouse gets an STD, you cannot make this up. I will repeat, this so you understand, in a comic strip for this magazine, Mickey Mouse downs a bottle of drugs, tests experimental drugs on other mice, and cures himself of ghonoria… Damn you Mickey, you should have used protection, but it was 1944 and Disney allowed this. Now I want a copy because I collect Mickey Mouse and weird Mickey appearances. Happy hunting
2. Superman #50 (Volume 2) – Clark Kent pops the question to Lois Lane. With the Superman marriage getting so much love in Rebirth, I am surprised that this book is in dollar bins. Happy hunting
3. Action Comics #662 (Volume 1) – Lois Lane, after years and years of being fooled, like come on Lois it took that long to figure it out that Clark Kent is Superman, and you call yourself a reporter? Rebirth marriage, John Kent, dollar box…
4. Strange Tales #12 Volume 2 – Cloak and Dagger story with a Punisher appearance. Freeform and Netflix crossover? The Punisher show will be #awesomesauce, the Cloak and Dagger show will be passable at best dollar box find
5. Superman Gen 13 #2 J Scott Cambell variant – what we have over here now? Sexy Fairchild, sexy Supergirl, J Scott Campbell cover. Snag this and make it a $100 bill please
6. Supergirl #48 and #49 (Volume 3, Peter David Series) – the Silver Age Supergirl is revealed to be the current Supergirl’s guardian angel. This series was weird, but elements could pop in the CW show $1-5
7. Action Comics #279 – Supergirl is adopted by the Danvers’. Takes the name Linda Danvers just find the grade you can afford
8. Action Comics #285 – Superman reveals Supergirl to the world, just find the grade you can afford $10 and up
9. Marvel Age #6 – this Cloak and Dagger cover is #awesomesauce $5 and up. First Beta Ray Bill makes this better.
10. Mad Magazine #512 – Mad does the Walking Dead $20 and up
11. Cracked Magazine #131 – The Godfather vs Jaws. Cracked Magazine was on crack and this is one is #awesomesauce. I am paying up $5 on em
12. Flash #164 (Vol. 1) – Barry and Iris get married. CW will do it in season four, trust me bro. $10 and up
13. Flash #275 – death of Iris CW show. Iris is beloved by a whole new audience and I am always telling TV show fans about this issue. No where to go but up $10-50
14. Detective comics #23.1 Posion Ivy Villans Month – Go for the none 3D cover on this one, is it is cheaper and has a lower print run $5-10
15. Marvel Age #66 – another amazing Cloak and Dagger story. I hope they leave Dagger’s blindness in the show as that would make me happy $5
16. Detective Comics #362 – this is the third silver age appearance of the Riddler. Gotham has given us the best live action Riddler since the TV show from 1966. This also the Riddler’s 5th appearance overall, which is interesting as well $10 and up
17. Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 1:200 Alex Ross Cover– why is this cover so damn cheap? It has everything that is awesome, Kevin Smith script, Green Hornet, Alex Ross on covers, but only $40-60. Really, for Alex Ross 1:200?
18. Gen 13 #1 Purple Ashcan Edition – Ashcans from the earily 1990’s are tough to find and highly collectible. While searching for key Gen 13 books, and remember, Fairchild is so hot and needs so much cosplay love, I discovered this gem on eBay. $100
19. Cloak and Dagger #11 – final issue of the original Cloak and Dagger series. I need to rewatch that trailer but this is in dolar boxes
20. Superman the Wedding Album– Rebirth marriage.. best Superman has been in years this can be found in dollar boxes
21. Cracked Magazine #248 – this is for the people that grew up in 1980’s and 1990’s and were ten to twelve years old at the time, could have been younger… maybe older, but this cracked had the Batman movie, Married with Children, and other stuff that was widely popular at that time in this classic issue $10
Well thank you again for reading this and humoring me. Lets hope I get my start date for the school by next week, hopefully by the end of June I will be doing conventions as a dealer again. I love you guys and
am so blessed to have you all in my life
blind adam out

7 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 52”

  1. Umm Iris didn’t die spoiler alert, that #275 is a flop in my opinion. Had heat on expectations for the show and didn’t happen, so swing and a miss. Could happen in the future though but have plenty of time to let the book get ice cold and drop price.

  2. Looks like there’s a decent copy of look magazine April 4 1944 on eBay for 30$. Way less than the 100$ bounty 😉

  3. That Action 662 has been waaay undervalued for years despite the high print run. Easily found for a dollar or two…

  4. i am going to now buy that copy for $30 waiting on payday . all flash keys do well in the back issue mrket and #275 is tough . blind adam out

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