Winner: Walking Dead 'From The Gallows' Episode 5 Season Pass

Getting caught up on giveaways. Doing the easy one first. This is the Season Pass for Walking Dead A New Frontier Tell Tale Games courtesy of Tell Tale Games themselves. .
There are 8 roles on this one. The last one is the winner. All winner has to do is email me to get the game code at

Since there is no audio on this one, and to make sure there is no confusion, Chris Meade was the winner.

6 thoughts on “Winner: Walking Dead 'From The Gallows' Episode 5 Season Pass”

  1. Thats so Funny — I glanced at what you wrote —–Last one is the winner —and then I saw my name last on the list on final roll —— I went from zero to 60 back to zero ROFL!
    Thx for the giveaways! Maybe next time ; )

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