Odette Annable Cast As Reign for Supergirl TV show

Comicbook.com had news that Odette Annable has joined the third-season cast of The CW’s Supergirl in the role of Reign. Reign is a relatively new character that has only appeared in several comics, which make her interesting to the series producers. 

Reign first appears in Supergirl #5 New 52. Most copies have already flown off eBay, but it is worth checking out your LCS for.

From Comicbook.com

This is one that’s objectively and undoubtedly a Supergirl villain — something that the show has often found in short supply as fans have been treated to shared Superman/Supergirl villains, or even just Superman villains reinvented for the TV show.

Introduced in 2012, Reign is a Worldkiller and her origin is a mystery even to her. All she knows about herself is her name, that she is a Worldkiller, and that Krypton and Earth hold the answers for her questions about her origin.

In the comics, she attempted to find her answers on Krypton, only to arrive and find it already destroyed. She tracked down the remains of Argo City, and ultimately made her way to Earth to face off with Supergirl.

Reign would be a solid character to include because she has very little story to fall back on, so writers could build a life around what’s there and have flexibility without too badly breaking what comics fans expect.


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  1. Alana says:

    The Thinker was confirmed for season 4 of the Flash as well both written up in last Weekend Specs.

  2. Shines says:

    Reign will probably be able to beat the snot out of the show’s sad Superman too.

  3. A. King says:

    I just pulled one of these out of a long box a couple weeks ago.

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