Alana’s Weekend Specs: Tales From The Dark Side.

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs. This week we’re going to the dark side with that on again off again Justice League Dark film. The cartoon was a success so looks like it might actually happen. Keeping in the dark theme this week a few villains coming to Venomverse to spec on. Lastly my Dark review of why to save your money seeing Wonder Woman pretty spoiler free not that there’s much to spoil. Oh and a toy to spec on, so let’s jump in!!!

House of Secrets #92 1st Swamp Thing, Hawkman #4 1st Zatanna, Strange Adventures #208 1st Deadman, Swamp Thing #37 1st Constantine. These 4 books are the mega keys of JL Dark, not going to spend much time on them because they are well known, sought after, and now pricey. The reason I mention them here, is these books all use to be pretty cheap 5 years ago but now they are mega keys. So what other JL Dark books could end up like these 4 is what we’re discussing today.

Demon #1 1972 1st Etrigan The Demon. All though a demon from Hell Etrigan is generally a good guy. Besides being a member of JL Dark Etrigan has seen a lot of action through the DC universe in Batman, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Hitman, even Sandman and Lucifer. This book is starting to tick up already.

Shade The Changing Man #1 1977 1st Shade. Shade a member of Suicide Squad and JL Dark is worth your consideration. Shade uses tech called the M-Vest. The M-Vest creates a strong forcefield that repels weaponry, allows a degree of flight and distorts Shade’s appearance dependent on the viewer’s mental state or his own. Can be found in High grade for cheap so this Bronze beauty might be worth the search.

Doorway To Nightmare #1 1st Madame Xandu. I wrote this up awhile ago back then NM could be found $5- $10, now NM are going for about $20- $50. Starting to tick up like the Demon book I expect it to do even more once JL Dark starts casting. Midgrade can still be found cheap and worth adding if you don’t have this key.

Flashpoint #5 1st Pandora. This book has been getting written up a lot lately for different reasons but today it’s because of Pandora. Pandora’s powers consist of immortality, magic and supernatural knowledge. She is skilled in martial arts and is also a weapons expert, having access to magical weaponry. Really don’t know who will make the movie but this member of JL Dark has been becoming popular as a cosplay.

Justice League Dark #1 new 52 1st JL Dark. So this is the first appearance of the team, some will argue that Swamp Thing #49 and #50 are. Many JL Dark members appear in those books but they are not called JL Dark. Can be found cheap on Amazon by one vender with 15 copies available at $7.99 + shipping will save you money if your trying to by a copy on FEEbay.

Swamp Thing #49, #50 1st JL Dark? Anytime a first appearance is in question best to buy all the books it could be. That way your not left out and don’t have to take either side of the argument.

Spawn #2 1st Violator. This is a mega key for the world of Spawn but the price doesn’t reflect it. Huge print run but still the most important of Spawn villain 1st appearances. I’m starting to see Spawn #1 move at $10, $15, $20 I never thought it would happen so no reason this book won’t follow suit later.

Machine Man #191st Jack O’ Lantern. Also known as one of the Hobgoblins but a different character for sure. This book has been moving as of late think it’s Venomverse related. I love cheap villain 1st appearances and you can get this in high grade for cheap maybe even in dollar bins.

What If? Spider-Man The Other #1 1st Poison. Big thanks to JCH for bringing this info to the CHUniverse. Poison is set to be the big baddie in Venomverse. This same Poison Parker is on the cover of Venomverse #1 1:50 Mattina variant so must be the Poison the Venomverse book preview speaks of.

Oh boy a toy!!! If you collect Harley stuff, you know that exclusive SDCC Harley stuff does well on the secondary market. This beautiful little SDCC exclusive can be preordered for a limited time at before the convention. Some past SDCC eclucive Living Dead Dolls have done well, like Edward Swissorhands who goes for about $350. There is also a non exclusive Harley in which she has the Mad Love Jesters cap on that can be ordered to go with your exclusive. Get it now if you wait until after the con and it’s sold out who knows what you’ll be paying.

So there you have it this weekends edition of specs. Time to get your JL Dark keys together now prices are starting to tick up because of the recent cartoon and will further increase as the movie starts casting. Really like the Poison tip from JCH this week, has to be this Poison don’t think they would introduce a new character named Poison while putting the What If? Poison on the 1:50 Venomverse cover, so I expect this book to go crazy once the venomites get wind of this and most copies have already dried up on the net. Now I’m going to talk about Wonder Woman so if you don’t want to hear about it stop reading now. Wonder Woman is an overly long boring movie. Many say it’s the best of DC films, I would put it on the other end of that spectrum. The action scenes are great, the Amazons are great, the small bits of humor in the writing is great. The movie suffers from a lack of action, a lack of Amazons think they are only around for about 15mins, and a lack of villains. I planned on rewriting Dr. Poison’s 1st appearance up in this article, but no reason to. No screen time really, no development of he character and it only gets worst with Ares or I guess you could call him DC’s wantabe Magneto. The lack of a good developed villain makes this movie pointless, as the movie is already pointless since it’s basically a 2 and a half hour memory Wonder Woman has while looking at the Wonder Woman picture from Batman v. Superman. My 6year old daughter who dressed as Wonder Woman Shield and all to the movie exact words ” Im bored when is something going to happen” While there is a lot of good in this movie there is equally just as much bad kinda like Suicide Squad. Save your money buy comics instead. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!!


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21 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Specs: Tales From The Dark Side.

  1. Alana says:

    Hey all the address for the Harley doll is . Toyz not toys. Also late breaking Marvel trademarked IronJane today meaning possible new comic series coming. Amazing Spider-Man #15 current series may light up remember there was a variant write up here at CHU for the JSC variant for this book.

  2. melthemovieguy says:

    great stuff …1st Etrigan The Demon is highly underrated…I loved him in JLD animated

  3. JayClue says:

    That Harley doll is creeeeepy looking. That is never entering my home.

  4. DB says:

    Strange Adventures #205 might be the book you are thinking of for Deadman’s 1st.

  5. E. Nigma says:

    Just a heads up, 1st Deadman is Strange Adventures 205, not 208

  6. Jason Shaw says:

    I would also keep an eye on the chracters in DC’s underrated Shadowpact series (first appearance Act of Vengeance #1). You’ve got a line up of supernatural characters including Nightmaster, Nightshade, Blue Devil, Black Alice, Enchantress, Ragman, Zaurieland Detective Chimp. Great series!

  7. OC_Guy says:

    Very good list. Have a lot of these already but time to get some of the cheaper ones in case they start to move…. Never thought I would see the day where so many C & D list silver and bronze became or are on the verge of becoming legit keys!

  8. Gabriel Cruz says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who calls it feEbay! 😀

  9. JCH says:

    Thanks for the nod, Alana. Ahhh, the art of speculation … might be pure coincidence that this “Poison” introduced back in 2006 through a What If? one-shot is the same character for the upcoming Venomverse … now all we can do is actively wait and see. Happy hunting for sure; this could get interesting 😉

  10. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce I mentioned spawn #2 a few hidden gems ago. the volitor mini series by alan moore is also a great story and a cheap spec . I still need to watch jld when sober . some other jld books that can be found cheap are. swamp thing #25 dc sampler #3 pre swamp thing #37 hellblazer and they should just put matt rayan intthe roll. justice league of America #10 first phelix faust and of course any of the adam heughs zantana books as well as jld #1 2nd print. wonder woman was a great movie best dc has done in years I do agree dr posion was hardally in the movie however wonder woman #151 is part of the heughs run has great art and I can see dr posion getting the much respected cos platy love . cos players especially the super sexy ones are #awesomesauce other woner woman books to watch are wonder woman #300 first fury marriage of earth 2 steve and wonder woman . wonder woman volume 2 #50 earily adam heughs art first on wonder woman wonder girl volume 2 #1 first modern aries &wonder wman volume 2 #105 1st new wonder girl thank you very much for weekend spec question for you how easy would it be for a blind person to getaround hawill I want to vist for vaction I love you guys and am blessed to have you all inmy life blind adam out

    • Alana says:

      It’s pretty easy but you might want to bring a guide, here’s the funny thing we actually have a blind friend named Adam who comes and visits us every couple years in Hawaii from Phoenix.

      • Alana says:

        I also failed to mention that DC has a new DC opening title for movies that was the opening to Wonder Woman. Shows all the members of the Justice League individually for a sec then the DC title. Shows Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and then it shows Hal Jordan. So I believe that Hal will show up in the Justice League flick from the looks of the new DC opening.

  11. Birdman says:

    I saw the WW movie with my family today and thought it was simply amazing. My wife gave it a thumbs up, my 10 yr. old daughter gave it a 4.8 out of 5, my 10 yr. old son gave it a 4.5 out of 5, and my 8 yr. old daughter gave it a 99 out of 100. I did not find it pointless or boring or lacking action. In fact, I thought it had a lot of action. I thought it had a great storyline that made sense and came together (logically) at the end, I loved the humor, I loved the use of the lasso as a weapon, Gal Gadot was fantastic (after stealing the show in Batman vs. Superman), the way she charged into battle was awesome, and I felt Ares was a substantial villain. I agree Dr. Poison was not a big, villainous presence. But this movie was a winner, and leaves the other DC flicks in the dust…thankfully, we are turning a corner. My only (minor) criticism is Lynda Carter should have been given a cameo (why the heck not?!) and there was a huge missed opportunity by not having an epilogue to bridge the upcoming Justice League movie (for which there was a preview). Other than that, no complaints whatsoever! And based on early performance reports, WW is surpassing expectations! By all means, go see it!

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks for the review Birdman. I got stuck seeing Captain Underpants today. While I enjoyed reading the books to my son the movie was vapid

      • Birdman says:

        As a Dad, you sometimes have to endure for the kids. My son has expressed an interest in seeing Captain Underpants, but I will try to encourage waiting for the DVD for that one. I am becoming more selective of which kid flicks I think I can tolerate.

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