New Comic Spec Review Video for 6/7/17

Each week Terry Hoknes from and I get together for a video chat where we discuss the weeks hot new releases. Here is this weeks for delivery 6/7/17:

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    1. I don’t list everything on the spec review videos. The 1:50 is a beautiful cover, look for the picks of the week lists on tuesday night.
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    2. The other part of it, and not trying to sound discouraging, but there are 100 store variants for the book. At 3,000 copies minimum each, and all of which qualify for the ratio variants, means the 1:50 cover based off the store variants alone would be 6,000 copies on the market, just from the store variants qualifying for the ratios.

      1. Yup…. If my shop doesn’t have it Wednesday, I’m gonna wait a few weeks and find it for cheap online. I love Darth Vader but there’s gonna be a bazillion copies out there…. The variants will drop quick like a crack addict does after taking a hit….

  1. I’m going to spec on Magnus 1, pestilence 2 and Darth Vader 1. I especially like the chances for Magnus 1 because the story is ripe for animation or live action.

    1. Yup. Free. I ended up over paying him for the other books I bought, slipped him an extra $5 because I don’t like getting something for nothing.

  2. Thanks as always for your picks guys. Just made another order based on some of what you all mentioned. Got the Mary Jane Iron Fist (I’ve seen love/hate on this cover), some Gwar, Harvey Hits, and Unsound #1..Thanks!

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