Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 53

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. As always, I want to say thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for for all the friendship, encouragement, advice,love & support. Still waiting on a start date for the school. The state of New Jersey services is hella slow but I will be starting soon.
I want to say Arrow was amazing last week, so was Gotham, and Lucifer is just fun. Still have a crush on the actress that plays Dr. Linda, however the actress that plays Maze is sexy too. Action Comics #980 was great, as was Wonder Woman #23.
Now lets make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that.
1. Four Color Comics #108 – not much spec vaule on this one. If you can afford it, and are a fan of Disney and Donald duck, then snag the grade you can afford. This has Donald going insane and killing his nephews and setting them on fire. Disney was #crazysauce/#awesomesauce in the 1930s-1970s before the PC BS culture started.
2. Comic Shop News #1371 – this has a early preview of Savage Dragon, predates Savage Dragon #1. Tough to find as everyone tossed this newspaper preview $10 and up
3. What The? #20 – Spiderham vs. Porkgrind. Porkgrind was the Venom of the Spiderham world. Funny as all heck and in dollar boxes and a must have for any Venom fan
4. Look Magazine Feb. 27 1940 – this is the infamous Superman vs Hitler issue. Superman captures Hitler and brings him to justice in two pages just a fun piece of Superman history $100 and up
5. Classic X-Men #8#9 – so the Phoenix gets another movie. Maybe this one will not suck. Uncanny X-Men #100-101 are on fire. These Classic X-Men issues reprint the first appearances of Jean as Phoenix $1-5
6. Phoenix the Untold Story #1 – the unaltered ending to Uncanny X-Men #137 in its one shot format. Cheap and key to the classic Dark Phoenix saga $10
7. Avengers #263 & Fantastic Four #286 – resurrection of Jean Gray doesn’t this woman ever stay dead? These can be found cheap like $3-10 cheap
8. Comics Journal #116 – the watchmen are hot again. Cannot wait for the Doomsday clock story line. This has an Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons interview, has art from he book which pre-dates the Watchmen series and is a tough find in high grade happy hunting
9. Foom Magazine #17 – no real spec vaule, unless your a John Romita Sr. fan or a Spiderman completest or need to complete your run of Foom which is a tough run to complete. This has a sweet John Romita interview
in it $20
10. Inside Image #6 – early Gen 13 and J Scott Campbell work. Gen 13 needs a come back and the real Gen 13 $5 and up
11. Venom vs the Incredible Hulk this was a Unicef giveaway comic, has a sweet fight between Venom and the Hulk. They then team up to stop some lame villan $5-10
12. What If (Volume 2) #4 – What ever happened to Vulk?? he first appeared in this book, then showed up in Contest of Champions. Last, will he be in Edge of Venomverse? Vulk is #awesomesauce and this has cooled off
since last year
13. All Access #1 – wow the ninties, a time when DC and Marvel could play nice. This is where Venom fought Superman. Superman wins in this fight, uses weapons to win, but Superman beats Venom and I am sure this is in dollar boxes.
14. What If? #32 (volume 2) – What if the Phoenix had lived?  This New X-Men movie better not suck. The last time I bought into the hype was back in 2006 and that movie, the so called, X-Men The Last Stand, made a lot of books hot and then the movie sucked and those books cooled off like right away this is a dollar box find, but a cool read
15. Power Puff Girls #1 Funko variant – this cover is #awesomesauce. Mojo Jojo playing with the Power Puff FunKo Pops. Just a fun cover and you don’t mess with Mojo Jojo $10
16. Mickey Mouse #20 Funko Variant – it is my boy Mickey Mouse as a Funko Pop and is just a nice addition to the p.c. $6-10
17. Homage Studios Swimsuit Special – early J Scot Campbell work. Some of these ladies need cosplay love $5
18. Power Puff Girls #61 (DC Comics) – this is the final issue of the original DC Power Puff Girls comic book. Tough to find, low printed, and what the heck was up with the remake cartoon? It sucked $10-20
19. Marvel Team Up #9 – first time Spiderman and Iron Man meet. Homecoming is now a month away I am surprised on how cheap this book is and it is so key $10 and up
20. Spiderman Batman #1 – no real spec value here. This does have it all, Batman beats Carnage in a fight, no weapons, no special sound device, no fire, just straight up whops Carnage’s a&&. Then we have the Joker teaming up with Carnage and this book will most likely never be reprinted $10 and up
21. Superman #4 (1986 series) – 1st Maggie Sawyer. Maggie will be back for Supergirl season two. It looks like Maggie might get married on the show but this is Maggie’s first appearance and is hella cheap $1-5 lets change that.
well once thank you. thank you guys for everything. maybe I will see a
few of you at wizard world philly. have a great week and be safe love
you guys
blind adam out

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  1. Great hidden gems, as always!
    According to My Comic Shop, the DC Powerpuff Girls series ran to issue #70, not #61.

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