Walking Dead #168 Spoilers

Walking Dead #168 is in stores tomorrow. It is a more relaxed issue, compared to the hecticness of the zombie attack, however, there is some craziness that goes on. We see Negan in fine form too.

Spoiler Alert: Images are obscured, click on the spoiler warning to see each picture. The accompanying text is not secured. So read on only if you do not mind spoilers. Also, it is The Walking Dead, so language warning. 

So after the last issue, where Sherry broke her neck, you knew this was bound to be asked.

And the tension grows quickly…

An unlikely hero steps up…

Who likes to toot his own horn…

but also stands up for Rick

Negan has become the voice of reason.

But he has plans….

to become a leader again, but are they sinister?

Negan lays out his argument…

and his foot fetish.

Some agree to join…

others don’t.

But Negan can be persuasive.

Maybe Negan is right…

Maybe he has made a change…

it sure seems that way.

And Rick is left to grieve.

So what do you think, has Negan had a change of heart after being imprisoned all that time, and helped Rick out numerous times? Or do you think this will lead to “All Out War II”? (Kirkman did used to write for Marvel you know.)


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4 Responses to Walking Dead #168 Spoilers

  1. Ric Lancaster says:

    I wouldn’t trust that glorious bastard as far as i could kick him ! He’s in it for the long game !

  2. Angela Jean says:

    After this issue and reading Kirkman’s letter hacks… I think I actually trust that idiot. I hope I’m not proven wrong. Anti-hero Negan is just so fun.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    Yeah, gotta remember, Negan might have been an ass before the apocalypse but he likely wasn’t a crazed killer…. There that slight chance he comes back to reality to survive means stop being a killer prick.

  4. A. King says:

    Pretty good read. Negan better watch out for Maggie.

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