Free Comic Wednesday: Billy The Penguin #1 Signed By Owen Marquess

Here is something cool. You know I love small press and self published stuff. This is a special giveaway. Check out the story behind it below. 

Owen Marquess came up with this all ages story years ago. When he was a little kid to be exact. Owen was not a good writer. In fact, according to Harriet, his mother, he wasn’t a good writer at all. His parents had to switch him out of public school into a private school because he wasn’t getting the attention he needed. Oh, I forgot to mention, Owen, the creator of Billy The Penguin is 16, just turned 16 this week. 

As a surprise for Owen, his parents Travis and Harriet, commissioned an artist to draw the story and had it printed. It started out as just something for family, but demand for the all ages book quickly picked up and they increased the print run to meet demand. Copies are available at The Horseshoe Comics website. The proceeds of the sale of the comics are going to pay for the second issue to be printed. Owen’s dad Travis said this is an awesome opportunity to learn about publishing and business in general. 

With that being said, we are giving away two copies signed by Owen. 

Rules are the same as always: 

1. Enter your name below.

2. One entry per person (We have ways of knowing)

3. If this is your first time entering one of our giveaways, it may take time for it to appear. 

4. No purchase necessary, however the sales of the books will go to pay for the second issue to be made. 

5. Winner will be announced on the site next week, winner will have 48 hours to respond with shipping instructions. 

6. Books ship free in the US, foreign winners chip in to ship (hey, we aren’t made of money). 
That’s it. Good luck. 


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