Cruzzer's Heads Up: Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #3

For the last several weeks, I have been pushing several UDon variants. I hold the Street Fighter/Capcom Universe extremely close to my heart. The Artgerm variant for issue #1 sold out quickly and is still going for good money. The #2 issue Warren Louw 1:20 variant continues to sell $35-60, and the prices still seem to be climbing on Fe(ebay) on both issues. Will the trend continue on the 1:20 variant ratio for Udon Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers Issue #3?
Gisèle Lagacé, who is known for drawing Archie, Betty Boop, and some covers for Gwenpool, takes up the challenge this time around with her variant starting out, and pre-selling for $40, which is slightly higher then #3 Louw variant on eBay preorder sales which mainly started at $35.

Matt Moylan, editor at Udon, really enjoys and seems to be a fan of Lagacé’s webcomic, Ménage à 3. He is the individual who suggested and gave Legacé the idea for the “slumber pillow fight theme” for this variant. Lagacé thought it would be something up her alley, and she definitely had some fun with it.
Basically, if you ever read or seen the webcomic Ménage à 3, you will see how this SF vs Darkstalkers variant cover pays homage it, as if it was a Ménage à 3 webcomic itself.
If you feel as if your LCS won’t buy enough copies to qualify (1:20,) in order for you to purchase one, or if you miss out on the Pre-sale on Midtown, an alternative is that you can Pre-order it on for only $20 on the FocusAttack page.
Again, don’t delay, the last two 1:20 variants sold out within minutes of CHU’s posting, and I don’t see the trend stopping with this issue either. Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #3 comes out June 28, 2017
Also, check out Gisèle Legacé’s webcomic while you are at it!
Disclaimer: Gabriel Cruz (aka Cruzzer) is in no way employed, affiliated, nor does he receive any goods or monetary compensation from FocusAttack.Com, Capcom, Udon Entertainment, or Gisèle Legacé.(But I am sure wouldn’t mind.)

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  1. Starting today I am also a collector of pillow fight covers. 🙂 Add the regular issue to your order, along with the Legace variant, and get 20% off the regular plus free shipping. FYI.

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