Free Comic Monday: Babyteeth #2 and Sacred Creatures Sad Lemon Comics Variants

In honor of Sad Lemon Comics first exclusive variants they are doing a big give away for us today.

They will be sending out copies of their Elizabeth Torque Babyteeth #2 (ltd to 175/75)  and Sacred Creatures #1 (ltd to 500) covers.

Sad Lemon, based out of the UK, is filling a niche for European comic fans who have been missing out on some smaller press exclusives due to shipping prices. The two books, Babyteeth, with it’s Rosemary’s Baby Homage by Elizabeth Torque, and Sacred Creatures #1 Pablo Raymondi cover are very reasonably priced, so even if you are not in the UK you can still get these for less than many shops charge for their exclusives. You can even use discount code CHU10 to save an additional 10% off.


So on to the Giveaway: One winner will get a set of the Babyteeth #2 variant and a copy of Sacred Creatures #1 cover. Four more winners will each receive a copy of Sacred Creatures  #1.

Rules are pretty Simple:

  1. No purchase necessary but check out Sad Lemon Comics as Simon is good people.
  2. Enter your name below
  3. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing
  4. If you have never entered one of our giveaways before it might take a few minutes for your name to appear, its ok, they still count
  5. Winner chosen at random
  6. Winner will be announced at a later date on
  7. Winner will have 48 hours to make contact before another winner is chosen.

Thats it, good luck to all!


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